New transformation: Doing make-up of the day evening

As once said Victoria Beckham, "if life is too little reason to dress up, why not use this one for the publication?".The bright evening make-up "every day" just do not fit, but before the meeting of the New Year - even if the corporate New Year with colleagues - think it should be mandatory.The main rule is: The more shine!And a little imagination.

assume that it just so happened that in the long preparation you do not have time, but even in this case, do not worry, the main thing - to have on hand the necessary beauty-products.So, step by step instructions transformation into a butterfly pupa office:

1. Align complexion

Do not try to wash in "hiking" conditions are likely to wash off the makeup well not work, and the inevitable red spots on the skin you exactlydo not decorate.It is necessary to refresh the concealer under the eyes and on the face apply foundation.Nuances - Apply the tone of the central part of the face, a smooth transition to the "periphery"."Render over" his face is not necessary, it is his will weight.Be sure to use loose powder, it will give the skin a natural and flawless.By the way, before it can refresh the complexion using cream blush: powder deposited on top, fix makeup, and your cheeks are perfect for the entire evening.

2. Add paint eyes

where you can "roam" in plenty: bright crayons (turquoise, emerald, purple shades are relevant as ever), the shadow Glitter, liquid eyeliner, false eyelashes (if suddenly accidentally got lost in the beautician) - to create, invent, try!

Apply liquid liner close to the edge of the lash, and can, do not hesitate to add shadows (do bet on metallized or tone - you will be surprised! - Canary yellow) - the color intensity will give a wet applicator.Remember that if you chose to fake eyelashes, something very wise of eye shadow is not necessary, in this case, would be enough eyeliner.

Apply mascara on top of the one that left you in the morning - preferably in two layers.And do not forget to "comb" the eyebrows - this will help you simulate special gels, as well as shadows and pencils.

3. Think about how to "dress" the lips

Eric Indyk, makeup Estee Lauder advises: "In the absence of strong light colors lose their saturation."No light - no color", as the artist says.Therefore, I recommend to choose not bright and pearly or shiny lipstick.Because all that glitters, looks great in a muted lighting, refracting and reflecting light slightest nuances.My advice - use a lip gloss or a so-called lipstick-lip. "

If you want to do make-up with emphasis on the lips, try the following scheme.Align tone, apply on the eyelids shade as much as possible the natural, close to the skin beige, emphasize the line of the cheekbones blush brilliantly bright and well-designed lips with a pencil and lipstick.With such a make-up ink is not required, but if you feel without it, "bare", it can be applied in a single layer.Another option - to make a broad arrow.You will not go unnoticed!

4. The final touch

final touch is always needed - it may be a powder with a slight sheen and stencil drawings of stars and snowflakes (here need skill!).Happy holidays!

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