What is empathy?

Empathy - internal identification with another person, the capacity for compassion is a gift from above.Among his friends and family a man appreciated the fact that everyone can understand.What is the quality of the way it manifests itself, says the article.

emotional sympathy

feelings and emotions of other people allows you to feel the quality is as emotional empathy.This is a very important feature to support relatives and friends, which significantly helps to establish positive contact with others.This communication is based on an understanding of other people at the slightest change in the expression of their faces or even minor gestures.

professionals believe that the person is able to feel empathy, seeing the world through the eyes of the interlocutor, and even hear the same sounds, similar thinking.In principle, everyone wants to have a friend.Therefore, a logical question arises: What is empathy, and who it is found?This quality is mainly present in the teachers, doctors, merchants, managers.

Pitfalls compassion

empathy can often be lost in childhood, when the manifestation of compassion in the child peers respond with laughter and cruelty.But if he still manages to carry the feature character through the years, it is a direct evidence of development and good personality.

Such a person is able to find positive qualities in any passers-by.It may not happen every day, but at such times he experiences a state of deep harmony.While the world is able to wound, not only in childhood but also in adulthood.If a person does not find a response or understanding others, it begins to consider himself more advanced than them.He feels annoyed and maximum limits the range of their friends.

There are people who, experiencing empathy to another person, is so addicted to his senses, that is completely immersed in other people's problems and can not stop.These individuals had better be careful with sympathy.

There are also manipulators, who just wanted Dobryakov.Empathy, they just are not threatened because he recognizes them at a deep level.But depreciate someone's story, even if it is a manipulation of pure water, it is not necessary.This step can transform hidden interlocutor detractors.After all, what empathy really?This is not a limitation, and understanding.Therefore, preferably the internal stop myself not to delve into the monologue, and at the first opportunity to leave.

personality traits sympathetic

ability to empathize with the person more difficult to those who have little talking.But people who want to speak out, it is easy to converge.But to get into the soul and unable to hurt sympathetic for a simple reason: he felt the good interlocutor and vividly aware than the person would be such a strike.But in fact the person may sympathize with the capacity for high levels of mental and emotional development.

Many people are afraid to get caught up in someone else's life, but it is also impossible for true empathy.What is empathy in the first place?This is understanding, not taking the troubles and fears with the subsequent possibility to get to the hospital.It is important to limit yourself and in time to prevent any encroachment on personal space.

In fact, not all take turns toward the interlocutor.There are people experiencing their joys and sorrows inside.It is difficult to show the full sympathy.In addition, always very frustrating to see the behavior of artificially created.

What is it

Mostly people who are able to empathize, are simple and naive.But do not take it for a rule.Empathy may reveal inner qualities of a man with a purpose.For example, to identify the weaknesses of rival firms, which employs.

But do not regard it as a professional psychologist.He is able to extricate himself from a difficult situation, to see everything is multi-faceted, but does not know the scientific basis of what is happening, and a clear plan of logic in his behavior is absent.

people who can empathize and sympathize with, able to organize support groups.The meaning of the creation of such a structure of mutual aid.But in such cases, very few people take into account that the meaning of the group is exhausted after working through uniting the situation.Participants are strangers who do not have common themes.

This quality can help the family, friendships, at work, in emergency situations, with random passers-by.In principle, be able to show empathy, without going beyond the bounds of what is permitted - is also over capacity.After all sides, seeing truly is a person often tend to unfold and tell him a lot of their problems.

How sympathy manifested now

What is empathy?It is the ability to fully understand the other to such an extent to eliminate even the slightest possibility of condemnation.Empathize always combined with the sensations of the narrator, he looks at the world through his eyes.He does not criticize, do not say:

  1. "What, you could not do so and so?"
  2. "Why did you not answer him?"
  3. "We had this and that ..."
  4. "But I would ..."

He understands that in a certain situation, his companion could behave just as did in reality.

much more pleasant to live in a world that does not ask too much and correctly understand what was said.However, it often turns out that normal for someone to question drives the conversation stalled, putting the person in an awkward position.A need is someone who has suffered a decision somebody's surface by the tips?Empathy - a very necessary quality that do not completely suppress the fear of being misunderstood.The main thing - to learn to separate yourself and the problem of the narrator, taking his outlook.