Where profitable to invest money?

bleak economic situation in our country, aggravated by the end of 2014, suggests the strengthening of the crisis in the newly minted, 2015.This forecast is supported by the views of both Russian and Western experts.

As part of the accelerated fall of the national currency by the end of last year, many wondered regards to where to invest in Russia with the greatest possible benefits or how to maintain existing savings when banks "packs" are closed.

main causes of the Russian economic crisis

There are at least five:

  1. critical situation in Ukraine, which resulted in a decrease in a number of economic indicators and growing corruption cause accelerated outflows (According to many experts, it will continue in thecoming in 2015).
  2. put forward by the Eurozone, Australia, USA, Canada and other countries of sanctions.
  3. Reduced competitiveness of Russia due to the outflow of foreign investments as a result of the above-mentioned sanctions.
  4. directly dependent on the price of oil.
  5. fall of the national currency and inflation rates of the Central Bank due to capital flight.

Current predictions regarding the development of the Russian economy in 2015

above causes of the crisis our economy naveivaet very disappointing forecasts for its further development, which is why it becomes all the more urgent question about that, much more profitable to invest money in the current year.The accelerated decline of the national currency at the end of last year makes us think even well-known leading economists.

forecast Osakovsky V. (Specialist US bank Merrill Lynch): Russian economy will continue to remain in recession until the 2nd quarter of 2015 He predicted zero growth of the ruble this year.Inflation, according to him, will rise to the level of 8% by the 1st quarter of 2015. In this regard, in the 4th quarter of the Central Bank to raise rates.The result of all this - reducing the number of loan programs and falling incomes (real) population.However, in the second half of this year there will be a strengthening of economic growth trends due to an increase in government spending, particularly in the construction of the Crimean bridge and construction of a gas pipeline to China, and a reduction in imports.A further outcome depends on whether the observed de-escalation of the crisis Ukrainian or its renewal.

forecast Nell D. and A. Slyusarchuk (economists large US bank holding company Morgan Stanley): economic decline in 2015 by 0.5%, the decline in investment, consumption, accelerating inflation.This will lead to growth rates of the Central Bank until the second half of this year.They also note the dependence of further economic development of the outcome of the crisis in Ukraine.If the escalation continues, rates will rise, and Russia will go into recession up to 1.5%.

Economic Development Ministry forecast that economic growth in the current year by 1%.

With regard to the Western financial and economic institutions, they have different opinions the further development of the economic situation in Russia.

forecast FocusEconomics: economic growth in 2015 to 1%.A financial and economic agency Bloomberg News suggests that this year there will be a growth of 1.15%.

forecast Danske Bank, BNP Paribas and Swedbank: a two-year recession with extreme load for the current year (0.6-3% decline).

where you can invest money in the current economic situation?

main areas of investment:

  1. Foreign Exchange Market (imposing the risk of inflation, even when holding cash).If, however, a desire to invest in this investment vehicle, you should choose the most stable currency (the euro, the Swiss franc, the dollar).Invest in the ruble is now more than risky.
  2. can invest in real estate.Investing in commercial facilities, housing construction has always, so to speak, in demand.However, it should be remembered that during the crisis, real estate can easily fall in price at least 50%.Therefore, effective to invest in real estate in cities is still developing.
  3. Deposits for preservation and augmentation of money.More than claimed their first appointment as invest money at interest will be ineffective because of the minimum rates.If an unfavorable outcome, they will not cover the loss.However, if you still decided to invest money at interest, you should observe the following recommendations:

    ● need to trust only reliable banks;
    ● choose the best deposits, offering the possibility of partial or full withdrawal of funds without losing accrued interest at the same time;
    ● worth investing to several banking institutions, with each contribution shall be up to 700 thousand. Rub.because the insurance agency guarantees the safety of an amount not exceeding 700 thousand. rub.
  4. Antiques, art.It is recognized as the most reliable tool for investment in times of crisis.If there is doubt about whether to invest here, you can reassure yourself that such investments are considered to be one of the most profitable and reliable investment tools.This contribution will help protect their money and greatly multiply.
  5. precious metals.This is a fairly risky option as to where to invest money (investment), because the price of gold is always fluctuating (as at present).Similar is the case with silver.Most palladium is considered stable.
  6. mutual funds (a very risky investment instrument).It is worth mentioning about the situation with the stock market crash (2008-2009 gg.).Many believe that this situation could be repeated in the present, so it is not an option, where it is better to invest money.
  7. own business.Experts advise to refrain from this kind of investment in the current crisis.If, however, the decision about that, in what to invest, and it's your own business, you should focus on items and essential services (in the absence of congestion segment).
  8. Shares (requires special knowledge for the management of the existing portfolio).The unstable economic situation in the country they can with proper management to bring a substantial income.
  9. Exchange speculation.This is a good option as to where best to invest money (especially in times of crisis, when racing quotations quite impressive).However, at this time it is better not to start the training process of trade, and it is better to trust the professionals.

Thus, whether to invest money in real estate, or antiques, or at interest, or anywhere else - a decision that requires serious analysis of criteria such as reliability, profitability, risk, and so on. D. Always is based on the current economicthe state of the country.

Investing in stocks

This is the most popular to date investment tool.Its popularity is determined by a number of exceptional advantages, which is why he is the leader among the rest of the investment instruments.However, to ensure maximum efficiency of the securities is required to possess a certain amount of knowledge about the investment process.

Trading in shares - the process is fairly simple given that a significant amount of data stored in electronic form.If the required skills are not available, it is necessary to entrust the trade professional traders.It is agreed in advance for the commission organizes trading on favorable terms.

Pros considered investment instrument

invest in shares of beneficial for the following reasons:

  • annual rate of return on the shares is set to 100%;
  • stock price is set based on the profit of the company behind it, this income - derived from inflation (just art managers of firms brings additional income to the shareholder).

Disadvantages of investment instrument

invest in stocks, many believe impractical solution because:

  • they tend volatility (under the influence of the market value of the shares may fall sharply);
  • shareholder will be able to make a profit in the last turn (first, payments to suppliers, employees, creditors, and so on. N.).

Education as an alternative investment

Such an investment in the future will bear fruit in a new position and, therefore, a good wage.And in the current crisis, it is useful to think about the second higher education or training courses or retraining.

Education - is a good option where you can invest, the more such investments provide a number of advantages in the labor market.In addition, during the crisis in teaching will also save (most universities offer discounts in order to attract clients).

But we should not invest in education, if there is doubt about the lack of time or patience to complete their training.

journey as an option in order to invest in that

Many consider it the most worthwhile option of spending money.For the psychological satisfaction, along with shopping, you need to invest more in the good impression.In connection with this holiday is bound to be full, as it may affect the quality of further work.

However, the journey - it's not exactly a good choice of what to invest if they are credit or past.Also worth a trip plan on their own, due to the fact that in recent cases of bankruptcy of travel agencies.

Investing in startup

To get started is to tell you what a start.This innovative companies that offer radically new technology.The introduction of the life of new and unknown technologies, bringing them to the consumer - a rather difficult task, a friendly solution which can bring more than one hundred percent of the profits.That is why this option and is recognized with regards to approving that much more profitable to invest money.

To earn this kind of investment, you must be sure that components such as the goal, the team, the idea and the plan are closely linked, and the company is keenly aware of its mission and how it implement (the main component of success).

There are enough examples where startups zero point turned into billions of holdings, while enriching its investors at all stages of development.Currently, there is a special stock exchange for startups that bring companies and investors.

"Exchange startups" - a website where registered company data, their proposals, business plans, and indicate the amount required for promotion.Interested investors are associated with the company and subsequently invested in its proposal.One start-up can be more than one investor.

Pros and cons of this type of investment

This is a good option as to which is more profitable to invest money, as even in the situation of burning, for example, ten startups of the eleven, the latter is able to recoup the losses incurred due to the profitability of several thousand percent.However

startup - is always a risk and unexplored area.Quite often, they do not die as a result of bad ideas, but because of an illiterate organization and incompetent management.

Despite the disadvantages, it is still recognized as a good solution to the question where to invest money (investors appreciative reviews - confirmation of this).In addition, many are guided by folk wisdom: "Risk - a noble cause."

Investment PAMM Account service

Literally translated as unit percentage profit sharing.As an investment service is a type of trust management, which allows the investor to profit in trading the currency market "Forex", involving, professional traders.

Its operating principle: investors (anyone who has invested in the PAMM) make contributions to the general account, which carries the appropriate manipulation of the selected manager (trader).As a result of profit (loss) is allocated on the basis of the investor's share in the joint account.

Security carried out by blocking the possibility of withdrawing funds from their investors trader.Investor, in turn, may withdraw funds due to it at any time convenient for him.

necessary condition for control - making their own funds to the PAMM-account.This is due to the division of risks (a trader, making the transaction, risks and own funds).Each of the profits owed remuneration to be attributed to the agreement (20-50%).

In order to protect the investment funds of their total losses during trading on the PAMM-accounts of possible exposure limit losses to a certain level.Also really stick to the strategy of zero risk.

Benefits of PAMM

They are as follows:

  • compared with bank deposit a significant percentage of income (based on the skills of managing up to 100%);
  • income opportunity as soon as possible (in a week);
  • choice of control in accordance with their requirements;
  • acceptable level of minimum investment (from $ 100);
  • possibility of rapid withdrawal of funds on demand (during the week);
  • free schedule;
  • clock monitoring of investments;
  • comfortable way to invest (remotely);
  • investment management from anywhere where there is access to the Internet;
  • no need to be trained to play in the currency market;
  • withdrawal in any convenient way (bank account, "Yandex" "WebMoney", etc.).

recommendations on the selection of trustees

values ​​of the basic parameters of the PAMM following:

  1. amount of control (indicator of confidence of other investors general manager).
  2. Manager's Capital (trader risks and their capital too).
  3. Age (because the accrual of interest on the amount corresponding to occur every week, he also indicated in weeks).It is recommended to choose PAMM-accounts with the age of less than twelve weeks.The longer by works, the easier it is to track the results of trades, professional trader, and so on. D.
  4. Minimum investment (does not reflect the degree of success of the trader, allows you to choose the desired PAMM-account).
  5. Secondary signs changes (mapping activities PAMM through various factors and their relationships, as well as the formula for determining the reliability of investments in these accounts on the basis of the post-analysis of the trader).

So the decision as to which is more profitable to invest money is received, depending on the current state of the economy and on what the purpose of the investor.