Artem: What is the name and the nature of its owner

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On behalf of the role in the destiny of man is said from ancient times.Many great minds looking for its relationship with the life, character and achievements of its owner.Now many people call their baby according to fashion or in honor of those or other relatives.Few people think that the wrong-chosen name can dramatically change the life.In a world of different people called.We talk about the name of Artem.What is the name, which has the character of its owner and what he can achieve in life?Immediately it should be noted that this Russian name.They called both Orthodox and Catholics.Its origin is related to the Greek goddess Artemis, and it means "dedicated to Artemis."

Artem What is the name?

child with this name is calm.Despite the fact that it is "safe" and "healthy" quite often the baby is sick, especially with colds.School period passes without any complications.He is attentive in class, faithfully fulfilled all tasks, so it has high marks.In dealing unobtrusive.Due to the fact that Artem always tell the truth, quite often get into trouble.In class boy is sociable, is friendly to all.In high school becomes more active, it takes the initiative, shown leadership, which he can share with your friends.He always tends to look a little older than his peers.

Artem: What is the name for a man in professional activity?

from Artem out excellent doctors, architects, journalists, construction workers or teachers.In short, they are available in almost all occupations.Thanks to hard work, they always succeed.By nature Artem - a hidden careerist.He always tries to prove the truth, if one hundred percent sure.And he does it so skillfully and unobtrusively that becomes quite convincing.The main feature of his character is that Artem chooses its way and should be firmly to the target, hoping only on his mind, and strength.

Artem: What is the name for the family relations?

for Artem future wife - a real treasure.He helps around his beloved: in chores, cleaning, cooking, child rearing.He spends his holidays with his family exclusively.The integrity of a marriage for him always comes first.Artem know how to keep secrets, so their wives can tell their husbands innermost secrets or problems.If necessary, they will always find a way out of difficult situations.For family members Artem never raises his voice and calls for a similar relationship.Hospitable, so guests at his home - a frequent phenomenon.He loves sports and tries to bring it to his family.Since it is fairly easy to negotiate, the main thing is not much pressure on him.He was a faithful husband and a loving father.

Artem: What is the name and nature of the difference between those born at different times of the year?

The owner of the name, born in the winter, characterized by a balance.He is somewhat slow, but wants to do without any help and do everything himself.Overprotection irritates him, though he does not always show.The spiritually closer to his mother than to his father.Artyom, born in the autumn months - a philosophical nature.It is more determination than the holders of the name, born in the winter.Serious and judicious, careful not to make mistakes at an early age.Not being influenced by their peers, but rather the opposite.It prefers the exact sciences.

Artem What is the name for those born in the spring months?These people differ in some selfish, which is not observed in Artemov who were born in other periods.His failure suffer quite painful.As a child, Artyom requires greater attention.Praise for any reason, it inspires.Prefers humanities.Born in the summer of the owner of the name is different exemplary behavior.He will never violate ethics, always gallant and polite.All information captures on the fly.It does not seek leadership, but also to lead a not allow it.

All Artem, regardless of the date of birth, have a lot of friends, but loyal friends have little.Their mascot is a tree, a stone - jade.