What is a necromancer?

occurs in a word fantastic literature, the press, and who knows where else.Only an understanding of the events will be incomplete if you do not understand who is a necromancer.In fact, this image has long been used in horror movies.Remember that an evil magician who leads hordes of the dead?This is exactly the idea of ​​necromancy used as a basis for creating scary scenes.The incredible and incomprehensible to most people force, subordinate to an even more strange creatures, which can hardly be called a man, and what could be worse?

What is a necromancer

Apart from the much-touted image of thrillers, it turns out that we are talking about a black magician.By virtue of "professional" features, he has the ability to give and take away the death!Most of the rituals connected with the murder of necromancers.The victim necessarily becomes man (now a very rare).More traditionally produced by the magical power of slaughter animals.It is a very ancient.Sacrifices were popular at all times.Even the Incas were engaged in this sinful thing.Killing is not the purpose of obtaining wealth and magical powers from the practice of the ancient times.In varying degrees, the ancients believed that the deceased receive the vital energy (animal or human).

What is a necromancer in the modern world

The book can often find such heroes.But do not think that magicians now exist only in works of fantasy.Necromancer - There are very real.Just meet him the common man is not very easy.This magician necromancer (nekromag) would not inform the public about its activities in the newspapers or on the Internet.Yes it is and it is not necessary.His life of an ordinary person is not interested.The only thing that connects him to our world - energy, which he enjoys.It is for him - the money for us.This is the only substance, which gives it good there, fulfilling his strange desire and achieving its objectives incomprehensible.

Harmful if this magician

believed that nekromag not dangerous to humans.He is actively attacking and select the life you will not.For this act he needs very serious conditions.But even a child can push you off the balcony if you want to strangle him without asking who is!Necromancer is probably not to the black and the gray magicians.His main interest is focused there, where the mystery of death.But it can give life.It's a miracle it is in his power.Therefore, most people will look for meeting with him, trying to save the family from ruin.On the deal is reluctant magician.They say that the only good mood can help inspire his despicable person.

What are necromancers

Among magicians have their separation "specifications."Basically it is due to forces that they use in their work.Between themselves, they build their own relationships, not very human-friendly.Most of the magicians are closed life and strongly with "comrades" do not communicate.One thing is certain: the necromancers, alchemists, and all others will only appear where there is death!