Beauty contest "Mrs Russia 2011"

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December 11 in the Ballroom "PlacedeParis" hotel Korston hosted the final of the beauty contest "Mrs Russia 2011".

50 most beautiful women of Russia, as well as the crowned beauties from other countries appeared in all its glory in front of guests of the gala dinner on the occasion of the final of the beauty contest "Mrs Russia 2011".This year, the capital for the first time in the last 15 years saw the crown, which brought titled winner of Russian contest "Mrs Russia 2010" and the title of the international - "Mrs. Globe 2011ยป (Mrs.Globe 2011).

The show program was Andrey Malakhov and President of the Foundation to support the family, motherhood and childhood "Planet of Women" and founder of the beauty contest "Mrs. Moscow" and "Mrs. Russia" - Alla Markin.

The structure of the competent jury: Russian film director, actor, writer and producer - Yegor Konchalovsky, the Russian designer hairstyles, makeup artist, stylist, singer -Sergei Zverev, Mrs.Globe 2011 - Alisa Krylova, Lieutenant-General of the Federal Service for Control ofDrugs (Federal Drug Control Service) - Olga Mishina, and others.

fought for the title of 25 contenders from Novosibirsk, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk, Tver, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities.In the early evening the participants of the contest appeared before the audience in national costumes, who were able to tell something about the region in which they live.

The final fashion show, which came to only 5 contenders for victory, entered the history of world fashion.On stage, the contestants appeared in a gown of rose petals.Twenty-five thousand fragrant buds ordered specially, abroad.And the beauty of handicrafts charged 20 needle women.Sewn petal by petal, they had the night before the competition, that is not wilted roses.

Traditionally home the winner on Christmas Eve on a charity mission arrived International delegation headed by the president of the contest, "Mrs Globe" - Tracy Kemble (United States).The delegation consisted of 15 beauty queens from America, Guatemala, Brazil, India, the Netherlands, Estonia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Ecuador and others. Members of the delegation.The winner of the beauty contest "Mrs Russia 2011" was Julia Zabozhanskaya of Chelyabinsk, a mother of 3 children.