What should be the motto of a kindergarten teacher?

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Mom and Dad go to work, kids - in kindergarten.Many of the children spend in preschool most of his childhood.It becomes a native house, the children - the second family, and teacher - the second mom.A child plays and learns in kindergarten, acquiring social skills, learning to distinguish white from black.

What should be the motto of the kindergarten teacher to parents safely entrusted him his child?

What is the motto

By definition, a motto - it is a short phrase describing the vital ideas, aspirations and rules of behavior of one individual, group or company.

Just a few words should reflect the person's beliefs, his attitudes.

«Forward and with the song!" - Is the motto of the cheerful optimist.

«Love all the living" - the motto of conservationists.

motto kindergarten teacher

Mentor - a very important person in the life of a child who attends kindergarten.From 8 in the morning until the evening the child is under the influence of pre-school teacher.This means that it is the behavior of the teacher, his lessons are crucial milestone in all aspects of formation and development of the child.

The baby happy to attend kindergarten, grew up healthy, happy and well-developed mentally, the teacher is doing a titanic work.Job teacher - it is a huge responsibility.They stand at the origins of generation.

«Problems glozhat?All empty!

Child heart - that's holy!

grain goodness in his heart - a little,

care to grown it! »

mottos and slogans

That depends on the teacher and what should be the motto of the kindergarten teacher:

  1. Leisure child.For preschoolers fresh impressions are very important, a variety of games.Credo educator in this issue - the most free time to saturate the children interested in them, not to be bored,
  2. development.The child begins to learn from the first days of life.He's like a sponge absorbs everything new.First, learning, imitating, then - mastering something through understanding and acceptance.Features of the child's psyche is such that it is difficult for a long time to concentrate on one thing.All these rules give rise to the motto of teaching kindergarten teacher: "The best example - it's a personal example", "Learning by playing", "The Power of the educator - a good example", "For a child more good run, jump and play, than count, writeread »,
  3. psyche and emotional well-being.Children - are not angels.They are capricious, naughty, bad eating, do not fall asleep on time fighting.It is important patience and love: "My work - love and care", "Teacher, who loves children, is a painter without a brush, a singer without a hearing, a sculptor with no hands."It is also very important not to dominate, but to go next, to respect a child's personality: "Do not do, but to help", "does not raise a child, but go near»,
  4. physical health.Parents trust the caregiver most valuable - children.The teacher should monitor the child's behavior, to prevent dangerous situations to protect their students from bruises and injuries.It is suitable motto kindergarten teacher: "Health - a pledge of a happy future", "Do not be sad, do not be discouraged, run, jump, learn."