Generosity - a good quality?

positive character qualities always appreciated in person.But lately, more and more often in people the aspiration to think only about themselves.Modern teenagers are rarely present such character traits as generosity.This leads to the fact that they become violent, cynical and selfish.Young believes that the only way to achieve success in life, and such qualities as compassion, generosity, forgiveness and generosity - it is evidence of weakness.But is it really?

What is generosity?

If you read the definition of the word in any dictionary, we can see that it is treated as a positive quality inherent strong and wise people.Generosity - the ability to think not only about themselves and to put the interests of others above their own.This is a quality of character, which is reflected in compliance, indulgence and attention to people.It has long been appreciated and respected all the generous people like those who have a great loving heart.Even the word itself is complex, it consists of two parts: a "great soul."Generosity - a humanity, the ability to sacrifice for the sake of the interests of others, generosity and nobility.

What a man can be called generous?

Great soul of the one who touched the problem of others who sympathize with their feelings and attentive to their problems.Such people show humanity to those who often does not deserve it, they will not demand to punish someone who caused them harm, they are noble and generous.Generous people are not vindictive, he is able to forgive and to accept the imperfection of people able to sacrifice their own interests and humanely treat the person who has committed a mistake.

What qualities are close to the generosity

1. This is often confused with the quality of kindness.But good to be easy, because he loves good people, humane and generous to everyone.He forgives people their mistakes and imperfections.

2. It is also often confuse the concepts of "generosity" and "generosity."They are very close, but a generous man can be so simply because of education.And now it is impossible to cultivate generosity.It depends on the amount of love in his heart, and scientists believe that the quality is in the genes.

3. Closest generosity to charity.These characteristics imply a manifestation of humanism to all people, forgiveness and compassion.What is goodness and mercy, it is not known to all.Today's children do not teach, and they do not know that these qualities make a person happy.

How to learn to be generous?

only the child who feels the love of parents, seeing their generous deeds, can become so in the future.But what about the other people who understand that the right to do so, it will cause the respect of others?But it is very difficult to be generous, and are capable of this, not all.

should try to understand other people, to be their point of view.Rejoice in others' happiness and learn to empathize.In any situation, try to think not only about their own interests and never shifts its problems on others.And this should be done always, and not only when you can praise!

generosity - it is the quality that brings happiness not only people around.A man who learns to think not only about themselves but also about others get love and respect all around.