What is generosity?

human soul is immeasurable, and is full of wonderful quality and depth.In life we ​​meet different people in character, opinion and behavioral factors.There are a number of human qualities, so-called by God.These include generosity.And here it becomes interesting that such generosity?


On the question of what generosity is difficult to answer in two words.The concept is loose and supplemented with new and new examples, to expand the meaning of the word.But first and foremost it is a positive quality, we can say good.So, more specific answer to the question of what generosity.This property of the person to bestow love, attention and material goods, share with neighbors in need, asking nothing in return.

generosity - a sign of deep moral person, good-natured, and acts of kindness in unlimited extent and amount of expectations with the exception of retroactivity.Met you generous people?If so, you probably noticed some heat comes from them, what pleasure you get from a minimum of dialogue with generous person.I agree that they deserve the maximum respect and deserve appreciation.No wonder about a generous man spoken of as generous.

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value in society

Our society has a fairly complex administrative apparatus and relationships.But among everyday selfish relationships present a charity, which is also referred to as human generosity.In fact, in every man's life there are situations with which he is unable to cope.And then come to the aid of relatives and friends.But, unfortunately, experience shows that just help from loved ones due to the expectation of response, at least constant gratitude.Not excluded, and other course of events, when a man with a pure heart, wanting good, gives of his time or money.In the first case, the contributions to the charities closest to the notion of "generosity."

second example - is also a manifestation of generosity.It is very important presence in the community of generous people.They - like the key to God.Imagine: a society full of mean and selfish people.Would it be welcomed in helping the world crippled man in acquiring the necessary medicines or vehicles?The answer is obvious, because this society is nothing to this good cause will not get, which is especially important for people with disabilities.Such a person will remain alone with their suffering and helplessness, and who knows how many more will live.And the faint-hearted, mean, well, or just indifferent (no less bad) will be affected differently.Hence the importance of the existence of generosity in the hearts of the members of society.

Misconceptions concept

is often attributed to the generosity of mutual assistance and donations.Most often the donations made to atone for their sins, so that these concepts are not comparable, because here there is a catch.Know that this unprecedented generosity - a gold mine of the soul, which is not confined in their deeds.Do not think that if you gave everything you will remain poor.Yes, perhaps materially, but not spiritually.Spiritual stocks every generous act replenished.The rich man is not a soul in need of a pile of money.This means that a generous soul is famous not only impact, but low consumption.

Generosity - a voice of kindness

difficult to judge that such generosity, and fully reveal the essence of this concept.But it is quite clear that this is a great feature and inexhaustible source of goodness, God's presence in us.The word has different languages, indicating that the centuries-long existence of this quality in others.Develop your spiritual potential and be generous!