MOSCOW FASHION AWARDS - the most fashionable event of the year

June 29 in the heart of the capital in "METROPOL CLUB», which became the epicenter of this fashion, style and beauty will take one of the hottest events of the year - fashion shows with an annual award ceremony «Moscow Fashion Awards» 2012, established by the Association of Fashion and Design ARTPROM.

the ceremony representatives received a nomination fashion and media industries.It offers a nice atmosphere, interesting program and a unique creative meeting, after the fashion shows and the nominations continue to fashionable evening party, Mode after party, featuring pop stars.

invited to the event about 30 media stars and fashionistas for awarding fashion Person of the Year.Multiple nominations will be handed a pleasant surprise for the guests vip-guests.

The winners will be the best designers and brands, managers and editors of leading media, show business persons, representatives of industrial companies, contributed to the development of the fashion industry.

The structure of the competent jury will be one of the most influential people in the light industry and experts.

This ceremony is aimed at identifying and supporting the representatives of the capital's fashion from various areas of nomination is awarded for the most outstanding achievements in the field of fashion.Fashionable evening will bring together lovers of aesthetics and fashion, will allow a pleasant atmosphere to share and discuss the progress of each participant.

will open the evening presentation of video works with a press conference leading Russian filmmaker clipmaker Irina Mironova, who has shot more than 400 clips for stars of the domestic variety, such as the B-2, Zemfira, V. Sjutkin, F.Kirokorov, K.Orbakayte A.Pugachev, ALSU, PLAZMA, Timothy, MAKSIM, jasmine and many al.

Clips Mironova get rotation on the First Channel, Muz TV, MTV, it is covered VOGUE, COSMOPOLITAN, ELLE, PLAYBOY.Irina is one and important people, not only the media, but the fashion industry, namely its videos, with the stars of the first magnitude set trends, not less than branding commercials and fashion shows.

in Europe since the «Beatles» and to this day, world stars deduce fashion to the masses, leaving behind millions of fans and followers.

music video director for TV, magazines for photographers to work with stylists create the same style that we express ourselves to partake of fashion and emphasize individuality.That is why famous designers as well make a list of those invited to his show, selected media persons and companies for quality and stylish advertising.

about how the process of shooting, work with showbiz stars, designers, stylists, models can be heard in the comments of Irina Mironova.

first project, which will present author - a retrospective of her work with video 2000-2010g., For the most part a retrospective of Russian showbiz for the period.

view video, you can see that it was her videos have played a key role in shaping the image of the Russian showbiz.

The second project is a clip Money: The soundtrack to the documentary biopic "Empty Sky", where Irina Mironova acts as a songwriter and performer.This project involved a famous Russian designer Masha Tsigal and winner of the "Factor A" Sergei Savin.

With Masha, Irina and Sergei participants will talk about the video shoot and share their impressions of participation.

recital Guests can meet the author in person, ask questions, learn the history of the most exciting shooting, to see not only the presentation of her work, but also to hear the comments.

the presentation as you will see not only the old and new clips, but also to learn about other projects in the field of photos, movies, books, etc .. unique event offers the opportunity to participate in the filming of a short-film metrazhnogo pursuedmusic video director and his assistants, who will be seen in a report after the event.Will continue

event fashion shows.The first block shows will include the best graduate collections of designers MSTU.Kosygin, ICEJ, fashion Slava Zaitsev Laboratory, as well as members of the Russian Silhouette, MKMM, ARTPROM, which received support from the Association of Fashion and Design.

second block will be dedicated to everyday clothes Pret-a-porter by members of the Russian and Moscow Fashion Week.

third block will be dedicated to brands.Participants will present their collections to the Russian and Moscow Fashion Week KOSTYURINA VERA, DENIS DOROSHENKO, KRISTINA BELSKIH, ALEXANDER GUSAROV (British designer of Russian origin), DIANA PAVLOVSKAYA, as well as designers JULIA GUBER, MARIA FOMINA, CIVIRJIC NICOLAI, OLGA MANDRIK, ANASTACIA VERESCHAGINA, JULIAKOROSTILOVA, MARINA SHELUDKO, YANA TSVETKOVA, IRINA PEVUNOVA, multibrand DOSIE.

Among the invited participants of the same foreign and regional designers, mainstream media, Baer, ​​experts from the fashion industry, show business stars, the names of some of them kept secret.

Closes event fashion celebrity party - after party, blending smoothly into the night format, which will be a contest of beauty and invited more than 100 models and leading capital beauties.Speakers Sergey Savin, Alex Malinowski, Sandro Escobar & amp;Katrin Queen, Polina Rostov and others.

Presenters at the event, Sergei Rozanov (MUZ-TV broadcaster, leading to the «Megapolis FM») and Eleanor Khabibulin (TV presenter and actress).

event will be held behind closed doors, it will be possible to get there by invitation, by the armor tables, or the guest list from the organizers on preliminary applications sent Name marked "Guest at the MFA" on [email protected]

official sponsor of the event brand - «DOSIE»

Partners - Model Agencies ARTPROM Models, VERONA

Partner - Beauty Studio "Kapellone"

Fashion Partners - Lamoda,

Event organizers - Association of FashionDesign and ARTPROM

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