Andrew: the origin of the name, value, horoscope

name given to a person at birth and accompanies him throughout his life, imposing energy imprint on the personality and destiny.So ancient is extremely serious about what to christen the child correctly.It was believed that it is able to define a happy future.

When choosing a name for their son, parents can ponder the question of what a name - Andrew.The origin and meaning consider it below.

ancient origins.Distribution in Russia

origin of the name Andrew has Greek roots.From ancient Greek translates as "one who engages in battle," "one who confronts" in another version - "courageous", "brave", "strong".

The origins of the name Andrew is the first time "Andzheti" is mentioned in Egyptian mythology, where he was the god of the city of Busiris.In Christian mythology, Andrew - one of the apostles, the first person called Jesus Christ to his disciples.He preached Christianity in the Balkans and the Black Sea region and was crucified in the Greek city of Patras.In tsarist Russia, the saint was a defender of the Russian Navy.In his honor, he founded the Order of St. Andrew's flag and - the oldest of Russian orders.

When Russia began at baptism narekat babies named Andrew?The origin of the name goes back to the end of the 10th century.Then it is, according to the chronicles, came to our lands of Byzantium and once widespread in the princely environment.

value on behalf of the seasons

What are those who wear the name of Andrew?The origin of the name gets its colors depending on the time of year when the baby was born:

  • born in the winter - a creative nature.It may be a wonderful actor.A disciplined and responsible, dreams of glory.His life changes and a lot of turns, shifts in life.
  • Spring - friendly, so it has a lot of friends.It is easy to apply to life.Because of his carelessness suffering family: Andrew wants to have fun, and family affairs and the problems he is not interested.
  • Summer - the "soul" of any company.His ability to joke, fun, wit it will create a festive and merry mood of others.
  • born in the autumn characterized by a large force of will and inexhaustible energy, a deep sense of justice.The greatest successes achieved in the law, especially in the legal profession.

characteristic features of a child with that name

name Andrew, origin and value of which we are considering, is energetic and restless child.He - a dreamer and inventor of toys prefers aircraft designers.The child - the big sweet tooth.Parents do not always listen.But the little Andrew keen sense of justice, he will always protect and support the weaker, but will not tolerate the pressure of senior.Poor friends with their brothers and sisters.

The school becomes more restrained and calm.Already as a teenager he manifested organizational skills.Especially pronounced sense of independence and justice.Studies well.He loves exact subjects and sports.Sports can lead to great successes and achievements.Among friends - he is the soul of the company, is able to laugh, tells funny stories.It has creativity: singing, playing the guitar.

Adult Andrew

He never throws the words to the wind: it promises, then it executes.He is respected in the workplace.He never raised his voice to his subordinates.He prefers stability.Do not undertake the risky business, it considers all options before taking any action.

He is also a philosopher, likes to speculate on "eternal" themes.He is careful not to risk unnecessarily.

Health and Career

Andrew - the origin of the name from the Greek root "Andros" - strong, this also applies to his health - a strong, stable, indestructible.Sick rarely, mostly colds.Dermatologic pills do not like, prefer traditional methods of treatment.

This talented and artistic personality.It can be a great actor (Andrey Mironov), artist, filmmaker, scientist, businessman.Its inherent practicality and rationality it possible to achieve greater heights in your career.He has authority like superiors and subordinates.

Marriage and family

origin of the name Andrew shows that he chooses long soul mate.When choosing a wife draws attention to the appearance, but not on her inner peace.So his wife always beautiful, well-groomed.He loves to show off her to his friends and acquaintances.Married Andrew loves requires greater attention.However, he did not fully revealed to her companion.Their experience holds in itself.Sometimes unstable.

Loves arranged life, well-respected family events - birthday party, christenings, birthdays.He likes to be at the table the whole family.Very fond of children.If they do something wrong - nashalyat not run errands mother or grandmother, Andrew always take them under their protection.


Zodiac, patronizing Andrew - Cancer and Sagittarius.
planet - Uranus and the sun.
color - dark red and dark brown.
plant - fir.
Birthstone - amber, amethyst.

Who will be happy to Andrew?The origin of the name it does not specify, but the horoscope says that the best thing he will be married to Natalia, Alevtina, Helen, Irene, Maria, Diana, Larissa, Claudia, Juliet, to lead, Elizabeth, Lyudmila Thais.Unhappy marriage - Sofia, Oksana, Olga, Julia, Zoe, Barbara, Clara.

day: July 17 - Andrew Bogolyubskii, Grand Duke Andrei Rublev;July 13 and December 13 - Andrew.