National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan: Exposure

On the main street of the city of Kazan, near the Kremlin, is the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan.The building is a historic building.Until 1895 it was located in Gostiny Dvor.In addition to the head of the building, the museum has 13 more branches, which houses historical and cultural heritage of Tatarstan.

Directions Museum

National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan is a research and development center.It includes activities related to the scientific and methodological developments, working with foundations, cultural, educational and publishing activities.The researches carried out in the fields of history, literature, natural history, ethnography.Through its work, the museum makes a great contribution to the cultural history of the Republic.

museum holds ethnographic, archaeological, historical and domestic expeditions.It is one of the priority directions of its activity.The findings of the excavations of knowledge becomes the key to understanding the ethnic, cultural and historical facts.Since the beginning of the XX century in different regions of the Republic carried out ethnographic research.One of the most valuable and largest of them - the study of ancient Bulgaria - the capital of Volga Bulgaria.

Today the scientific design of the study area museums, exhibitions and collections.Priority is given to the direction of the stock of collections devoted to the history of famous dates.

important direction is publishing.National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan annually publishes scientific works and catalogs.Before the opening of expositions or exhibitions are printed posters and leaflets.


The museum now holds about 910,000 titles.Its Archaeological Foundation - one of the largest.It includes ancient and medieval collections.Keeps he Bulgar unique collection, which consists of a variety of jewelry belonging to different historical epochs.Pearl of the Fund is a cultural monument of the Volga and Kama - a set of funerary stelae, settlement, belonging to different epochs.

The museum ancient Egyptian collections, items of India, China, Japan, the Far East and many others.

Ethnographic collection preserves the cultural heritage of the peoples of the Volga-Kama region.It includes household items, samples of national costumes, kalfaki, skullcaps, namazlyk, jewelry, shoes, musical instruments.

Numismatic Collection consists of more than one hundred thousand names.It includes coins, banknotes, medals, badges, medals, awards of different countries and different eras.The collection presents the Golden, Eastern, Western, Russian coins, and coins the time of Alexander the Great and the Byzantine Empire.

written Foundation Collection includes about 130,000 names.It includes scrolls and letters of XVI-XVII centuries.The collection holds about 300 private collections.It includes scientific works, works of culture and archives of professors, politicians, as well as a collection of early printed books and manuscripts in Persian, Arabic, Tatar.

The memorial consists of a collection of works created in the XIX-XX centuries figures of Russian and Tatar culture.


Profile Museum - local history.In it contains information about the different cultural and historical epochs.National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan exposure is in terms of combining nature, culture and history of different peoples.

shows focused on topics related to ancient and medieval history of Tatarstan, monetary, trade, Kazan province.

exhibition "Ancient History of Tatarstan" presents artifacts dating back to the period from the Stone Age to the end of the first millennium AD.It is built in a way that shows the vitality and life of the peoples living in the region in ancient times.The exhibition consists of several sections.One of them is called "Man and Environment".It shows how people interact with nature in the course of evolution.The next section is called the "world of things."It shows the development of processing methods and processing of bone, stone, bronze, iron.The third section is called "The house and the outside world."It shows the reconstructed dwelling epoch beginning of the Iron Age.

exhibition "Medieval History of Tatarstan" is artifacts relating to the Volga-Kama Bulgaria, the State X-XIII centuries.Its basis is the archaeological finds from the territory of the settlements.These include tools, jewelry, pottery, fragments of decoration of buildings and streets.

exhibition "commodity-money relations and trade routes in the X-XV centuries" shows the coins, objects of trade and maps.They are evidence of the fact that the region has a variety of medieval trade.

exhibition "Kazan province in XVIII century" demonstrates the most important milestones in the history of the region.It presents objects related to the reign of Peter I and Catherine II.

exhibition "Tatar Gold Room" shows Tatar jewelry XVII-XIX centuries.It is unique.


Museum offers several excursion destinations.Excursion is held in the main building.It introduces the exhibits, talks about their history.Visitors are shown the 8 tours.

museum route, in addition to the head of the building exhibitions, offer to meet with the collections located in different parts of the city.It provides programs such as "Legends of Kazan", "As time rolls Kazan gold", "Pages of musical history of Kazan", "And remember the world is saved ...".The duration of each route is an average of 2.5 hours.

Museum offers walking, bus & Excursions.There is also the opportunity to attend master classes with various themes.

When buying an entrance ticket to the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan, the price depends on the preferences of the visitor and the type of services provided.The cost of trips and museum visits different routes.It is directly linked to the richness of the program and number of participants.Admission free excursion service will cost 50 students, pensioners - 70, adults - 120 rubles, students - free of charge.


National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan offers a listen to the lectures, which tell about the history of the city of Kazan, famous people, legends about the history of the museum building and much more.In addition, there is a lecture-demonstrations, during which demonstrate exhibits.Their duration is 45 minutes.

Museum has a library, which today is kept around 19 thousand copies.It is available to all visitors to the museum by appointment.

Museum Foundation also offers its services.During his visit, you can use manuscripts, early printed books and objects.Possible photographing exhibits.

museum has a restoration workshop.It employs specialists restorers on wood, paper, metal and fabric.Objects are restored to the center of the museum, its affiliates and other exposures.

Museums clubs

museum work includes cultural and educational programs and activities.Within the walls of the museum and its affiliates are several clubs - "Contemporary", the Kazan club of antiquity, "Keeper of Antiquities," "Local lore environment", "Music Room", "literary salon".Military History Club "Knight" has been studying the history of martial arts, fencing, reconstruction of objects.The club takes part in national and international events.He is the organizer of the festival "Zilantkom" tournament "East-West", is implementing the project "Beznen Tarikh" ("Our History").

All clubs are creative and research community with free participation.In the course of work are performances and discussions.National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan invites you to take part in the study of history, literature, crafts and more.This activity will make cognitive leisure, expand horizons.

In studying the history of this beautiful city, like Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan National Museum will be an excellent guide and source of information.