Meaning phraseologism "put a spoke in the wheel" and the story of its origin

extremely interesting section of the science of language is the one that studies the stable combinations of words, such as the value of one token.They are called the phraseology.There are several types of such entities.So, phraseological seam are those combinations of words, when the value of a holistic concept of not motivated by their sense, as, for example, in the phrase "stay one's stomach."

«put a spoke in the wheel": phraseologism

value of each of the phrase tokens may retain figurative meaning, which creates a general sense of the expression.In this case, we see ourselves phraseological unity.An example is considered combination.

value phraseologism "put a spoke in the wheel" is disapproving color.So say when they want to emphasize that someone intentionally interferes in any case, in the implementation of the plan.

In the modern sense often talking about obstacles erected by officials, bureaucrats, people creative thinking, innovators in their fresh ideas, work, or discoveries.

Provenance phraseologism "put a spoke in the wheels»

is no consensus about the origin of this combination is not observed.Meaning phraseologism "put a spoke in the wheel" can be traced to the direct meaning of this action.So, it expresses a point of view that this turnover came from the custom to use special sticks to, if necessary, to slow / stop the course of carts, wagons, or some other means of transportation.Thus, there was a steady combination of "put a spoke in the wheel", the origin of which was due to physical action.

Synonyms phraseologism "put a spoke in the wheels»

known that a lot of words and phrases in the Russian language are similar in the sense of "twins".It is no exception and considered combination.Meaning phraseologism "put a spoke in the wheel" refers not only to "prevent", "not to", "disturbance", "resist", "pluck", and phrases such as "to be a bone in the throat", "become (stand)across the road (someone on the way), "" to throw at his feet a piece of wood, "" prove (to be) an obstacle (obstacle), "" obstructing "," confused the card, "" cross the road "," bind the legs andhands. "

By and large, for the expression "put a spoke in the wheel," a synonym for - any word or a combination of the value of "disturb", "create a problem."

Interestingly, this seems to be a purely Russian phrase has its counterparts with the same value in other European languages.Translated from the French sounds completely in Russian, with English - "insert the spokes of a wheel to anyone," from Spanish - "tripped" from German - "throwing stick someone under his feet."As we can see, stable expression of this value is used by many people.

use phraseologism "put a spoke in the wheel" in the literature

Application writers in their work rather stable expression enriches the language works.Meaning phraseologism "put a spoke in the wheel" in the literary language is confirmed by its frequent use of the writers of different times - from classic to contemporary.For example, in "War and Peace" Tolstoy says: "God grant only that Prince Kutuzov took ... the real power and did not allow anyone to embed himself spoke in the wheel."

Sergei Sergeyev-Tsensky in the "Brusilov breakthrough" is also used this stable expression.Excerpt: "So work as Alexei, because it is necessary to wonder, not stick it in the wheel for this place!".

Vladimir Tendriakov in "The Fall of Ivan Chuprov" also used the idiom.Excerpt: "Therefore come to you.But there are those who stick me stick in the wheel. "