How best to pump up the press at home

If you have an irresistible desire to make your press and you're ready for this, you must first determine the days and times when you're doing it.This is best done in the morning.You rise up the mood for the whole day and there will be less incentive to eat during the day, the result of your training appeared as early as possible.By the way, to eat after exercise can be just two hours.To pump up the press at home, need regular exercise, the best option - to do the exercises for one hour three times a week.

Exercise often is not needed, since the muscles do not have time to recover from stress.If the load on the press in the exercises will be very strong, it is enough to download the press at home only twice a week.At the beginning of training need to warm up your muscles and body.For this exercise bike is a good way, quite 20 minutes training.If you do not have an exercise bike, you can run a few laps around the house.Then, start an exercise program.

Twisting on the floor.

With the usual twists worked out well the top of the press.This option exercise helps to be involved all the abdominal muscles and allows you to pump up the press at home.This minimum load of the back exposed.Lying on the floor face up on the back bend your knees.Hands should be put under his head, elbows divorced.Begin to take your upper back and shoulders off the floor firmly press.Then slowly return from the top of the starting position.The number of repetitions necessary to do as much as possible.

Leg raises in the vise.

This exercise should be carried out on the bar, which can be easily equipped home.It allows you to pump up the press at home most effectively.During its execution, the abdominal wall is worked out completely, along its entire length.If it is done in two steps, you will be involved more obliques.The order of execution is as follows: hanging motionless on the bar, slightly bend your knees bent and thereby raise the feet as high as possible.When the power runs out, you need to bend the legs completely and lift them to his chest.If there is no power from the beginning to the first part of the exercise, then you have to immediately lift the bent knees.After lifting the legs should be lowered slowly so as not to sway.In addition, at the top you can perform lifting twisting.

Leg raises lying.

This popular exercise enables the pump lower abs at home.But if it is done with full range of motion, but not the reduction, it helps to develop the muscles of the abdomen not only at the bottom, but also along the entire length, including the upper part.It is very convenient to do the exercise with a partner.Lying back on the floor, his hands grasp the ankles standing behind partner.When the legs go up to the top of your partner with force pushes them forward.You have to resist the fall of the legs and not let them touch the floor.

However, in order to pump up the press at home, is not enough to perform regular exercise program for the press, it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle and to respect the proper nutrition.First, be sure to lunch.Skip breakfast, you will force your body to gather additionally it needs substance to dinner.For breakfast, should eat very large amounts of food, a bit less at lunch and dinner least.The amount of food for lunch and try to reduce it should consist of healthy food.Eat more fiber and try to eat foods that contain less fat.During dinner, drink a large glass of water.And another important piece of advice: if your body is not completely form, pre-better to get rid of excess fat, and then engage the abdominal muscles.