"BCS Broker": reviews.

online about each company's brokers have both positive and negative feedback.Broker BCS - this is one of the few organizations of the partnership with the responses which are purely positive.The long-term leader of the domestic securities market has the highest category of reliability "AAA" by the National Rating Agency.

History BCS

Company "BCS Broker" was established in 1995 on June 20 in the city of Novosibirsk.A year later, among the services the organization offers brokerage appeared.Since 2000, with the month of March, the first company in the Russian market to offer its clients a partnership in the field of online trading.In the same year he began to work the first Moscow office.In just 20 years, the company succeeded in developing one of the most extensive networks in the country.Today, clients are served in 58 offices and 54 agency locations across Russia, in the largest cities.The number of clients has already reached more than 100 thousand.The long history of work and responsible approach to the business has become a guarantor impeccable reputation not only in the professional community, but also among investors.

BCS Financial Group

BCS Financial Group, which became the basis for the broker also has a very positive feedback.Broker BCS offers universal financial holding company, is available not only to individuals but also to institutional investors, with a full range of financial services in the stock and financial markets.This includes the ability to perform a variety of transactions with a wide range of domestic and foreign instruments.Financial group includes not only the IR BCS, but such representation as:

  • BCS Bank "Premier".
  • ZAO UK "BCS".It offers professional control of capital, pension funds and mutual funds.
  • Management Company "BCS".Leader of the stock market.
  • Real Estate Fund.
  • BCS "Consulting".
  • BrokerCreditService Limited.
  • LLC "MSD" and JSC "BCS Bank".
  • NPF "Russian Pension Fund."
  • of "First Russian Insurance Company".
  • LEU "BCS Training Center."

Financial Group is the rightful owner of the real estate with a total area of ​​28 thousand square meters.The properties are located throughout Russia, including in cities such as Omsk and Perm, Nizhny Novgorod and Surgut, Ufa and Togliatti, Tyumen and Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Tagil, Yekaterinburg and many others.

"Broker": regimentation

Company "Broker", reviews of which are purely positive, it was established in 2004 and registered in Cyprus.In its work, the company is focused on NDD-technology systematically expanding the range of available services and financial instruments for a living.The head office of the corporation is located in Limassol.Active representation across the EU, as well as in Russia and the CIS.The company has passed licensing CySEC (Cyprus Securities Commission, Exchange Commission), acting in accordance with the EU directive MiFID.Even in 2015, a group of companies has been successfully accredited by the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and the FCA received authorization from the British regulator.License number - KEPEY 048/04.Annually the company BCS Cyprus takes professional audits.Leading companies carefully examine the structure of the enterprise.All audit reports are available to customers, they are publicly available.It's attracted thousands of people in the world to cooperate with "BCS Broker".Guest leave no doubt that the office - is a worthy partner.On turnover of securities trading firm is a leader in the domestic market.

Terms and Conditions for customers

company offers flexible terms of cooperation.The proposed organization of "BCS Broker" rates are varied and available to different categories of people.For example, to open a trading account «PRO», ​​it is necessary to replenish a deposit of at least $ 1,000.If you plan on opening the account «LITE», the amount of the deposit should not worry, there is no minimum limit.Maximum leverage available to the trader is 1: 200.Spread over the dominant currency pair remains fixed and is calculated at the rate of 1 point.Available for trading not only currency pairs and CFD on shares of companies from the USA, precious metals futures.Available futures on the RTS and MICEX.To trade, you can use the shares of domestic companies.Like most sought-after brokers, the company "BCS Broker" offers its customers a terminal MT4 is not only for PC, but also for a variety of gadgets.On the eve of trading every trader can take advantage of opportunities to test their trading strategy and to explore with the terminal by opening a demo account.Available automated trading, hedging positions at the under-margin requirements.Most Active customers can take part in various contests and competitions with decent incentive prizes.

main directions of providing financial services to the following:

  • Resources for transactions with financial instruments.
  • Internet trading.
  • Investing in structured products.
  • Asset Management.
  • Professional support in analytics.
  • Counseling in matters of finance.
  • Banking and insurance offers.
  • Education.

project multilingual support.It is working around the clock except for Saturday and Sunday.Communication can be done over the phone, through e-mail communication, via the feedback form.Newcomers are available a variety of educational materials, both paid and free.You can optionally pass the course, starting from dating to the basics of trading and ending with the study of complex trading strategies."Broker BCS" is positioning itself also as an employer, offering its employees high salaries, the opportunity to climb the ladder and get a decent experience.From applicants need initiative and activity, high professionalism and great diligence.

Familiarity with the company's services: Internet trading

entire staff of the company - these are the best specialists in their field.They have made and continue to make a tremendous amount of effort to ensure that your employer impeccable reputation.Individual approach to each client, multifaceted cooperation, allow to maintain mutually beneficial relationships with clients over the years.Broker serves not only tens of thousands of customers, the company has managed to establish and maintain profitable relationships over the years with about 4 thousand companies, as evidenced by the numerous reviews.Broker BCS only works on a transparent scheme, still attract more and more investors.

One of the most popular and sought-after services of the company - an online trading.The service included a broad range of software, trading service with high capacity - of the order of 4 independent Internet providers.Each transaction is protected by SMS code.Most demanded by customers software QUIK, and its upgraded version webQUIK open for use without any special software, only if you have access to the Internet.

What attracts customers: loans and structured products

Company "Broker" offers its customers not only favorable conditions for online trading.The company has opened up access to a large number of attractive offers.The partnership can use the service to provide loans.As collateral, in this case will act as margin securities that are listed on the account of customers.After getting your hands on borrowed funds for the client company is entitled to dispose of securities at their discretion.The main advantage - it is an opportunity to obtain funds for the hands are at the end of the day after application.Booking agents carried out over the phone.The interest rate on loans is 12%.Repayment of the debt can be in any format, or the amount repaid at once or divided into parts.The client determines the borrower himself comfortable for a partnership scheme, there are no time limits.

"BCS Broker" offers open access to the domestic stock market and the international.Permissible trading on markets such as the LSE and NYSE, NYMEX and NASDAQ, CME and CBOT, CBOE and XETRA, EUREX and EURONEXT.Structured products can reduce the risks and protect your investment as a whole or partially or conditionally.The minimum threshold for entering the structured products is 500 thousand rubles.Structured products are a prime example of a success attempts to combine the reliability of deposits of financial banking institutions and high yield trading in the foreign exchange market and to a certain extent resemble control.They serve a wonderful starting point for novice investors.Lack of experience and fear of losing their own money will not be a hindrance to making a profit.Within the framework of cooperation programs, of which only positive reviews, broker BCS offers to its customers to insure their capital in the company's Investor Compensation Fund.In case the company will lose its ability to pay, each client, this offer will be able to receive compensation in the amount of 20 thousand euros.

Trading Instruments, the terms of trade

Broker BCS reviews which most are of a recommendatory nature, offers a huge selection of trading instruments:

  • 39 currency pairs.
  • 94 cfd CDF.This includes the shares of domestic and foreign stock markets, indexes, futures, energy carriers, bonds and agricultural products.
  • Metals: Spot gold and silver.
  • Binary Options.
  • control of the BCS broker: mutual funds, investing in stocks.

The choice is given in all three types of accounts.The minimum deposit is 1 dollar.The size of the order - not less than 0.01 lots.The maximum leverage is 1: 200.We mentioned earlier about a fixed spread at the rate of 1 point.Floating spread may range from 0.2 points.All orders for the accounts PRO.MT4 run mode Instant Execution, for accounts and NDD.MT4 DIRECT.MT5 mode is Market Execution.Different properties of the individual accounts level Stop Out.For accounts PRO.MT4 DIRECT.MT5 and it is equal to 20% commission on transactions 0%.To account NDD.MT4 Stop Out equal to 50%, and the commission is equal to 0.003%.Accounts can be opened in US dollars, Russian rubles and euros.

variety of methods of input and output - is another advantage, which is famous for "BCS Broker".Reviews indicate that convenience input and output through the plastic cards MasterCard and Visa.Many are tempted by the presence of a bank transfer.The commission brokerage company in the input and output means is not charged.

To help customers

To facilitate the activities of their clients in the financial sector the company offers additional services.This is a peculiar feature of the company "BCS Broker".Analytics for every customer - this is one of the possibilities.Team leading domestic analysts serves overview of the situation on the market, starting from the economic factors, the fundamental phenomena and considering the technology.Using analytics to understand and exchange, and the stock market is quite simple.Each customer is invited to help a financial advisor.This partnership approach allows customers to avoid large errors in the establishment.You do not have to spend a huge amount of time learning the news, or to monitor the situation in the world.Saving time is obvious.Analytics can be used as a basis for its unique trading strategy, it also can become excellent base for decision-making and excellent shopping to boost profitability of financial activity.

ideal offer for beginners

Support for beginners - this is one of the strengths inherent in the company "BCS Broker".The minimum deposit that allows to study trade in the markets without major losses of material resources - it's not all.Consider the most advantageous offers, which are very rare in the financial world.

  • Anti-crisis investment.The company specifically analyzed and picked up a package of tools that are capable of during the domestic crisis to ensure the profitability of the deposit of 21%.
  • Investing in bank bonds.The risk to a minimum, while the annual rate of return for the project is equivalent to 16.8% in dollar currency.
  • ruble deposit with a yield of 15.5%.
  • Brokers BCS reviews 2014 and 2015, of which only the positive, offers mutual fund with an income in the range of 64%.
  • Soft iSmart - is rare and profitable strategies in the international market, which significantly change for the better financial condition.
  • Automated trading robots that allow a maximum saving of time and with a minimum stay front of the terminal to receive more or less stable income.

addition to the above, has attracted a host of other benefits the company BCS.Testimonials of satisfied customers to focus on the recommendations of financial advisors and investment opportunities in the stock market in a wide range of investment proposals and quality of information support and maintenance.As part of the company's customers have access to actual trading ideas, the latest news and quotes, a competent and complete research report.Anyone can enroll and participate in seminars, which are held regularly in different cities of Russia.

Summing up

Many potential investors and people who are just planning their development and profit on the basis of financial markets, more and more often chosen as a partner the company "Broker".Reviews with staff, reviews of thousands of customers are pushing for this decision.The company - a leader of the domestic market, few competitors can be with her on the same level.Many licenses and standards of evidence about the reliability of the company.A good reputation, not only the recommendations of individuals and companies, but also professionalism in the details - it is just a minimum list of the advantages of the broker.It may be noted the following points:

  • orientation for different categories of people with different levels of income.Lucrative offers solutions not just for wealthy people, but also for ordinary people.
  • huge variety of trading tools, allowing you to choose the format of work with the financial world, which is as clear and easy to use.
  • support throughout the journey of becoming a professional - from the provision of instruction and to learning the basics of complex trading strategies.
  • transparent scheme of partnership, no hidden fees.Maximum fast system input and output of maximally efficient execution of orders in all categories.
  • Providing the best software for trade, and in most cases free or with minimal pay.
  • hour communication with customers.All claims to the extent of partnership issues are resolved as quickly as possible in an easy to order a trader or investor.Nobody is left unattended, and the size of the deposit does not postpone its mark on this point.
  • All the benefits of BCS tested tens of thousands of customers.For two decades the company provides diversified financial services at the highest level.Unsatisfied and disgruntled customers simply do not have.Broker always fulfills all the commitments it undertakes to customers.

Broker BCS - it's a decent choice, a company that not only will guarantee the safety of funds, but also provide a capital increase exponentially.Minimum risk, maximum profitability.