Kashpirovsky biography, family and the interesting facts of life

1989.October 9.The first therapeutic teleseans Anatoly Kashpirovsky on Central Television, gathered at the blue screens of millions of Soviet viewers.

Waiting for a miracle

Almost the entire population of the country (from small to large, from the head to the housewives) intended to cure a variety of ills, all waiting for a miracle, and it happened.Even if not every, but most of the television audience felt the kind of magical effect, something unusual in everyday life, stepped from the TV screens in the houses and apartments of ordinary citizens.Someone disappeared warts and postoperative scars, someone inexplicably got rid of chronic diseases.And the stormy debate on this and the next five teleseansov, vivid examples of the "healed" people led to a mass audience in the faith of the vast phenomenon Kashpirovsky painlessly get rid of enuresis, ulcers, alcoholism and other ailments.The country was divided into two camps: one believed him, others tried to catch cheating.But as soon as the session bega

n, we sat watching television together and those and others.

Kashpirovskiy: biography

Photo Kashpirovsky easily dispersed across the country, there were almost in every family, because almost everyone wanted to experience the healing effect of such an unusual and brave man, to engage the piercing eyes.So who is he - Anatoly Kashpirovskiy, which led in a moment to talk about themselves the whole country?

biography Kashpirovsky quite common and not much different from the life of the average Soviet citizen.Born in 1939, August 11;He spent his childhood in a Ukrainian town Proskurov (now Khmelnitsky).We can assume that at an early age Anatoly might not be interested in machines, and actions and intentions of other people.After graduating in 1962 Vinnitsa Medical Institute, a quarter-century working in a psychiatric hospital therapist, in 1987 - Psychotherapist USSR national team in athletics.Biography Kashpirovsky boasts received his title of candidate of medical sciences, as well as the master of sports of the USSR on weightlifting.All my life Anatoly loved to sing, so it is not surprising that his trained ligaments become an indispensable tool during teleseansov and public appearances before a huge audience.

Teleconference on psychological anesthesia at a distance

addition to television broadcasts, Anatoly Kashpirovskiy, whose biography is rich in a variety of weighty events and memorable encounters, the data are not to everyone held in the Central TV, two teleconference, carrying live analgesia two patients before surgery withoutthe use of anesthesia.Patients that memorable ether were simultaneously Lesya Yurshova and Olga Ignatova, a medical technique that anesthesia was contraindicated due to the high allergy susceptibility to all drugs.They were made by a hernia operation.To this day, this trick could not repeat any of hypnotists.

meetings with the audience: the growth and popularity of gratitude

also had meetings with the audience (the so-called healing sessions), which Kashpirovskiy showed letters from grateful cured people.At such meetings to implement various "healing" attributes (Kashpirovsky photos, video recordings of his sessions, etc.), which subsequently caused a huge interest of the prosecutor's office, because the goods sold has not been marked.

America life Kashpirovsky

In 1995, Anatoly Kashpirovsky, whose biography has made a new round of life spirals, moved to the United States.There, he delivered Russian emigrants of excess weight;the cost was $ 50 a session.There he was awarded a commemorative medal of the US "For the improvement of the veterans of the Second World War."Before life in America traveled almost halfway around the world, spending their wellness sessions.Nearly 20 years practicing in Poland, and it was his - the only foreign citizen - Polish TV was awarded the prize for a weighty hugely popular television series "Television clinic A. Kashpirovsky" and Lech Walesa - Polish President - expressed gratitude for the health of the nation.

Kashpirovskiy against the clergy and the official medicine

biography Kashpirovsky Anatoly Mikhailovich includes constant conflicts with the official medicine, to recognize him a charlatan, and performed them to the sessions - harmful to the psyche.The clergy did not recognize Kashpirovsky categorically, believing that healing can only give the Lord God.Kashpirovsky biography is an interesting fact, as beating your opponent during the filming of the TV program "Let Them Talk" (aired December 14, 2005), with whom Anatoly not converged in opinion.In 2006, in Chelyabinsk, he was charged with unlawful practice of traditional medicine.And it has been drawn up by an independent expert - a therapist Shadrin did not attend any of the performances of Anatoly Mikhailovich.This opus Kashpirovskiy been put on a par with charlatans 90s, they call themselves healers.But the man who saved thousands of lives, not just a threat which had to get behind bars continued to treat people.

In 2009 biography Kashpirovsky, who had a long creative break, continuing the cycle of documentary films-investigations "Conversations with Kashpirovsky."

series "The Miracle Worker" on Kashpirovskiy?

In November 2014 the premiere of the drama series "Miracle Worker" on the theme of psychic and mystical human capabilities.Fyodor Bondarchuk, who performed one of the main roles played Kashpirovsky very similar, although he claims that he did not play.Even the Kashpirovskiy, whose biography is clearly seen in this series, noticed similarities with them and was very upset about it, because the show deemed a failure.And Bondarchuk, in his opinion, the role failed.Especially Anatoly Mikhailovich jarred that he compared the film with Alan Chumak, which he has never recognized as a doctor.

What is the secret Kashpirovsky?

«Kashpirovizatsiya" the whole country at the time of his emotion could be compared only to that of the film "Slave Izaura."What can explain the effects that occurred during teleseansov?Whether it was a powerful healer field or some powerful energy that can penetrate into the house through the appreciative audience blue TV screens?Although, if we assume that this energy has taken place, it would definitely not enough to charge the entire population of the vast territory.Yes, and Kashpirovskiy never voiced during the sessions that passes through the screens some energy or fluids;he has always conducted its work professionally as a therapist of the highest class.Although some time later popularity Kashpirovsky was interpreted as a manifestation of mass psychosis.

super popular hypnotist

So who is he - Kashpirovskiy?Biography, the family of the man - the ruler of souls and consciousness of others - many people cause permanent interest, because I want to understand what he used mechanisms of action, achieving impressive results and caused heated debates and confrontation of opinions.

In 1989, the Soviet Union Kashpirovskiy was voted man of the year, pereplyunuv in popularity of famous politicians.His feared security services, because today the therapist talked about the warts, but tomorrow could send the crowd of people in the Kremlin.

Kashpirovsky methods were aimed at enhancing internal reserves of the person, especially if the latter was easily suggestible and was emotional.Most of the "healing" accounted for just such viewers.During teleseansov voiced high enough numbers cure various diseases, the percentage of which in relation to the total number of viewers was small.

What contributed to the success teleseansov Kashpirovsky?

Voice Kashpirovsky: confident, persistent, powerful

Anatoly Kashpirovsky, biography and family which causes a constant interest of the great mass of the population, very convincingly and confidently held before the cameras, while maintaining all the required accessories professional hypnotist: the appropriate look, gestures, posture, intonation and tone of voice.And because most people knew almost nothing about the work of psychotherapists, it certainly led to an increase of the expected effect, seeing as "magic" effect.Also, the perception of viewers indirect impact is uncharacteristic behavior of some people who were present at the session (waving his arms, head rotation, slowly, as if dancing movement of the hall).Such unusual activity legkovnushaemoy audiences because of its unbounded faith in the possibility of Kashpirovsky causes a corresponding reaction among participants, infecting their similar feelings.

selected Kashpirovsky method impact on the audience, which is referred to psychotherapy by Kretschmer - Erickson, played an important role in the practice of the therapist.Its technology is the absence of direct pressure on participating in a hypnotic session.Kashpirovskiy knit web of words, occasionally inserting a phrase, the contents of which bears a direct suggestion that operates with particular force in the background of indifferent stimuli, because the audience seems to share with the therapist participation in the process.

Kashpirovskiy: biography, personal life

Anatoly was married to his admirer Valentina, married with whom he lived for 22 years Zaim two children: a son and a daughter.In terms of personal life quite well Kashpirovsky biography.His children and grandchildren are his pride.His son Sergei - Boxer, daughter Elena - three-time champion of the American karate-do, granddaughter Inge - two-time champion in the same sport.

In recent years, with the therapist is his personal assistant Irina - citizen of the Czech Republic, which is the chosen one and personal companion.

biography Kashpirovsky positioning of this unique man as a citizen of the world, the absolute ascetic whose wealth a little worried.He is a loving parent, wants only the happiness of their children and grandchildren.Today Kashpirovskiy continues to hold sessions in Russia, America, Kazakhstan, Germany, gathering full houses.

Kashpirovskiy became the ancestor of the mass appearance of witches, magicians, psychics, who considered himself entitled to treat people, the elementary illiteracy which is reflected in the creation of the destructive habit of his idol.