A sample of the positive characteristics of a family for teachers

The composition of the student characteristics usually include a brief description of the family.This reference contains general information about the level of control of the child, about to pay attention to education, as well as the security of the child to learning resources.However, despite this positive characteristic pattern for a family, for a full analysis of the conditions in which the child lives, is not enough.

teachers need to be aware of the child's family

family factor and the factor of the street directly affect the overall development of the child, as well as its performance.And the less attention is given to the child in the family, especially since it has an impact factor of the street.

To better understand the internal state of the child's teacher is characteristic of the student's family.To get a complete picture of the situation surrounding the student out of school, you need to pay attention to all the family members individually, general psychological atmosphere in the family, and such moments as financial security and the presence / absence of family property issues relating to children.But such problems are almost always refer to the child - does not matter, either directly or indirectly.Even in the case where the part of the educational authorities do not require serious intervention, teacher, having a fair presentation of the circumstances of the child's stay in the family can use the following sample positive characteristic family positively influence the situation and help the child.

What is characteristic of the student's family

Below is a sample of the positive characteristics of the family of the child:

family characteristics

student _-class educational institutions

______________________ (institution)

____________________________ (name)

_____________________ born

General Information



Family structure



climate in the family.Table psychological compatibility



Family members Temperament (melancholic, choleric, sanguine, clear / hidden) Character (cycloidal, conformal, hyperthymic) type of perception (vizualist, audiolist) Orientation (conservative, neo-conservative, Democrat)

parent positions



Position child



director of the educational institution

class teacher

In drawing up specifications teacher should be objective, whether it is a problem or a positive characteristic of the family.The sample presented above will help to deal with different aspects of social and psychological analysis.

How to analyze student's family

The age and experience of the people to a large extent influenced by their perception of the world, so in the "General Information" you need to specify the composition of the family - that is, to list the names of all living with the child family with an indication of the social role,and write their age, education and occupation.

How is the positive characteristics of a family student?The sample shown above, will focus more on filling.To describe the situation in the family, you can use such concepts as complete or incomplete family, open or hidden family, and indicate the number of children in the family.The single-parent family is not one of the parents - mother or father, but their role can perform newly acquired family member - a stepmother or stepfather.If no one in the family has a leading position in the decision-making and non-recognition of responsibility for them, it should be noted that the male role is not the beginning.Hidden family do not seek to interact with strangers, creating a vicious circle in the house of communication, which is not always beneficial to the child.Many children or small families family can be a cause of inadequate or excessive attention to the child.In addition, you need to specify the distribution of the main functions among family members - household, educational, financial, recreational, emotional and therapeutic and protective duties.The characterization is sure to point out how important it is for the rest of the family moral and financial well-being of the child.It is also important, using a sample of the positive characteristics of a family, write a few words about the continuity of traditions in the family and the child's knowledge on the part of their own history.

Psychological Compatibility is determined by the existence of conflicts between the basic values ​​of family members and ways of expression of the conversation (polylogue), which creates a certain atmosphere in the family - cool, calm, anxiety or conflict.

In conclusion, the teacher can leave the recommendation of the child's parents, if any.