The art of conversation to fire employees

Post dismissal - it is always a stress factor, regardless of whether it was expected or not.

The way a person reacts to a message of resignation depends on three circumstances:

From that, at some point fired hit the hardest: the self-assessment plans for the future, career, material possibilities, etc.;

On how people had (if not managed) to prepare for the situation.

The type of psychological control person:
exterior - dismisses when looking for the causes of what is happening to him in the external circumstances,
and internal - when that happens is interpreted as a result primarily of the action dismissed.

most common types of non-constructive reaction to the dismissal.

Stress arises due to lower self-esteem.The thought: "I'm worse than others!" Scrolled scenes work, the lack of a plan of action (as in the near future and for the future).The feeling: depressed mood, apathy, confusion.The behavior: slowness, apathy, lack of initiative in the conversation.

dismissal affect the plans for the future, perhaps - gives rise to financial problems.The mind in this case - "picture" of the future vision of the situation as a stalemate.

Stress - a consequence of low self-esteem.The thought: "Others leave because they have better relationships with superiors (who are more fortunate)", "Life is not fair. We look for the negative qualities of leadership and co-workers. The plans to overcome the situation are not available. The feelings: resentment, confusion, irritation. In behavior:trying to figure out the reasons for dismissal, give arguments showing the wrong decision, women may be an emotional attack on the leader and co-workers.
Option: destructive resentment.
characterized in that interview is conducted from the standpoint of "do not have rights." There are attemptsconsolidate discharged in the fight for their rights, the prosecution of the company in the wrong direction.

The problem with these kinds of responses - primarily in the fact that people focus on the negative aspects and has no plan to overcome the situation, plan of action.

Strategy and Tacticsinterviews with dismissed.

leader who talks to lay off employees, is obliged to set ourselves two objectives:
care appointment is terminated;
prevent a negative impact on the psychological climate is fired and the work of the team.

To do this: help employees remove the emotional urgency of the situation, to help him see the prospect of overcoming the situation.

Terms interviews with dismissed

1. Vedi not talk on behalf of the company, as well as a personal interview.
2. does not appeal to the situation "in general", or the problems of the company, and focuses on the specific challenges - and their employees.
3. Do not try to shift the responsibility on superiors.
4. Avoid phrases like: "I know what you mean!"- They are seen as a formality and cause the protest ("Easy for you to say, do not you fired!").
5. Start a conversation with a brief to formulate their own problems in the current situation ("do not know how to start talking about your dismissal").
6. Do not guess the thoughts and feelings of the interlocutor, and offer solutions to problems.

task of conversation with the dismissed - to help people articulate their problems and the words to express feelings.
It helps relieve emotional urgency of the situation, gives an opportunity to start to consider appointment is terminated happens efficiently and tune in to independent search for ways out of the situation.Then you can help
uovlnyaemomu set specific tasks that is for him a way out, that is, in essence - the solution to the problems.
important not to impose their vision of the situation and help the person to speak.
You can then discuss which of the problems will help solve the company a package of assistance provided.

Even if you managed to brilliantly carry out the process of dismissal, it is necessary to think about the feelings of those who remained in the company!
And these feelings are mixed: "Thank God, had passed! But who knows what will happen tomorrow?""Now we have to work more and get less".
And mind you - these feelings can also be a source of stress!

joked manager of one of the companies: "It seems that soon will have to say," Lord, we most unpleasant news for you - you are staying! "".

Authors: Natalia Tumashkova Boris Masters

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