Aries and Libra: compatibility of opposites

hard to find two similar mark less than Aries and Libra.Compatible them in various spheres of life ranges from low to medium.Aries - hot like fire, bold, active, combative.Scales - elegant, charming and diplomatic.They live at a different pace and poorly understand each other.Where Aries used to solve problems by force, Libra will conduct endless negotiations.


in love a couple Aries-Libra sign compatibility first may seem very high.Both

- bright extroverts love to be in public.Between them can flare up passion, fatal attraction of opposites.Looking at the advantages of a partner, they are keener sense of their own shortcomings.Aries fascinates gentle elegance and refined it their beloved and admired the energy balance and inner strength Aries.They can be a lot of fun together, their sexual compatibility is high.

How warlike Mars, Venus and gentle, they can quickly run out of the relationship.Libra is very important for an equal partnership.For Aries in a relationship does not exist the w

ord "we," the world should revolve only around him.This is a very gentle soul hurt Libra, plus they quickly get tired of the daring nature of the silly and straightness of Aries.


Compatibility Libra-Aries in marriage can be called good if there are two mature personality.They complement each other, their relationships are not built on passion, but on friendship and mutual trust.For a successful life together they have a lot to work on yourself, learn to compromise.If they combine their strengths, the family will be just perfect.

Inmates in youth marriages between characters often break from the wild egoism Aries who does not want to listen to anyone but yourself.Over the years, people change.Aries done quietly, learning to finally harnessed his powerful temperament.Scales become more responsible and collected.Unfortunately, these qualities did not have a younger Aries and Libra.

Compatibility in

Aries everything is easier to do it yourself, Scales are used to working in tandem.However, these two can work together perfectly.Stubborn Aries motion to the target and diplomacy of Libra can make them successful and lucky partners, especially in the small and medium business.Libra excels in marketing, Aries can quickly earn customer base.

If it is not a partnership and the relationship "superior-subordinate" how to behave Aries and Libra?Compatibility depends heavily on who is the boss.

If this alliance Aries takes a leadership position, they will work together very comfortable: Libra work well in a team and masterly settle any disputes and Aries - generous and appreciative boss, who can quickly make complex decisions.

If the chief - Libra, he will have to put up with constant attacks on his chair, delays and criticism.Aries need to praise and encourage, and then they will show the wonders of efficiency, and the flight of creative thought.If the load of routine and make comments, Aries stop working altogether.Libra Aries may impede the progress of the career ladder, assuming the latter is not enough smart.


Are Aries and Libra friends?Compatibility in this sense marks small.Scales very careful and go slow rapprochement, and Aries are accustomed to their friends gave himself without reserve.It is rather friendly relations, sometimes spilling over into a love affair, if the question is about a man and a woman.They may be willing to travel and have fun together, it will be fun and comfortable, but to go for a friend to serious risks they will not.