Olympic facilities in Sochi - the-art facilities

Olympic Winter Games, which were held in Sochi in 2014, took place at eleven sports facilities.For the construction of these facilities has been allocated two clusters - mountain and coastal, in the Imereti lowland.

Olympic facilities in Sochi were ready for the big event in the middle of 2013.The last was completed stadium called "Fischt."Before major competitions, many Olympic facilities in Sochi have been tested to international competitions.

Description Coastal Cluster

focal point of this area is considered as the Olympic Park.This is a huge complex, including both the Olympic facilities in Sochi and the park.A cluster can hold up to seventy-five thousand people at a time.

list of Olympic facilities located on the territory of the above, the following:

  • Stadium "Fischt."
  • «Adlerarena" - skating center.
  • Bolshoi Ice Palace.
  • Ice Arena "puck."
  • «Iceberg" - the palace of winter sports.
  • «Ice Cube" - the center of curling.

Now tell about each object in detail.


capacity of facility - forty thousand people.He held the opening ceremony and the closing of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, as well as the awarding of the athletes.After the grand event the stadium is used for football matches.All Olympic facilities in Sochi differ originality of architect ideas.Said Stadium - is no exception.The form it resembles a rocky cliff.

«Big» - a unique Ice Palace

This place has become a venue for hockey matches.It can accommodate up to twelve thousand people at a time.After the Olympics it hosts concerts and other mass entertainment.For the first time the Ice Palace opened its doors back in 2012.There have been carried out by international test events.The building of this object futuristic looks thanks to a huge silvery dome.


This small ice arena for hockey also meant competition.Its capacity is seven thousand.During the Paralympic Games, "Puck" became the venue for competitions in sledge hockey.Quite interesting is the fact that this object can be disassembled and assembled again.This means that it can be used in any city of the Russian Federation, and not only in Sochi.

«Ice Cube»

On the basis of this sports center carried the Olympic curling competition.It was used in 2012.Construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi construction implied by its unusual architectural constructions conceived."Ice Cube" is a striking example of the flight of fantasy design.The unusual building is considered the epitome of brevity, lightness and solemnity.This curling center is also portable buildings collapsible type.


This palace winter sports occupies a leading position among the other facilities were built for the Olympics in Sochi.At its base the competitions for medals in figure skating and short track.Twelve thousand spectators could be placed on its spectators to watch the competition.The exterior of the palace, in fact, resembles a huge block of ice.This explains the name of the object - "Iceberg".


This skating center located in the heart of the Olympic Park.In its walls were competitions in speed skating.Over the course of their own eyes seen just eight thousand fans.After the Olympics, the construction used for trade and exhibition events.

Description Mountain Cluster

Map Sochi Olympic facilities include another vast area, which has five major facilities.Among them are the following:

  • «Laura" - complex for biathlon and cross country skiing.
  • «Rosa Khutor" - ski center.
  • «Russian hills" - a complex, equipped for ski jumping.
  • «Sledge" - the center of luge.
  • «Rosa Khutor" - a park for extreme entertainment.


This facility is located on a ridge called Psekhako.From Krasnaya Polyana it separates ten kilometers.During the Winter Olympics and Paralympics this complex became the center of events in cross-country skiing and biathlon.It seats 7,500 spectators at a time.

«Rosa Khutor" (ski resort)

center with the romantic name was the site of the competition in slalom, giant slalom, super-G and downhill.The total length of its ski slopes is twenty kilometers.

«Russian slides»

northern slope of the ridge Aigba a zone trampoline complex.On the territory of "Russian hills" were Nordic combined competitions.Currently active object plays the role of the training center.It is famous for two ultra-jumps.


Luge This center is located in the ski resort called "Alpika-Service".Olympic venues has become the venue for bobsleigh, skeleton and luge.Its capacity is five thousand spectators.

«Rosa Khutor" (Extreme Park)

This park for extreme sports has become the venue for the Olympic competitions in snowboard and freestyle.During the Paralympics on its territory snowboarders competing athletes.At present, on the basis of an extreme-park conducted training sessions.


Olympic facilities in Sochi (photo unusual buildings you can see in the article) are in the most popular to date, high-tech style.At the same time the architects tried to avoid the cold and impersonal standard features.It should be noted that they got it.