Grapes ladies fingers - the leader among grape varieties

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Many grapes ladies fingers associated with the mysterious East, with luxurious bazaars filled with sweets and exotic fruits, and, of course, with tales of Scheherazade.

This variety today considered one of the most popular varieties of table.Grapes ladies fingers became popular thanks to sweet and sour taste, excellent portability and low requirements for growing conditions.

It is grown in the south of Russia, in the Caucasus, in the Crimea and in other areas, dominated by warm, humid climate.

leaves of this plant are of medium size.They are gentle, painted in bright colors, and have a slight edge droops break.

Grape Ladies finger has its own large enough and long clusters, generally loose and branching, the average weight of each - about four grams.Berries are yellow-green in color and are oval in shape slight waxy coating.They are quite large, up to four centimeters.They have a strong and elastic skin is easily separated from the slightly crunchy, juicy, but slabomyasistoy pulp.

Grapes ladies fingers has one distinctive feature - it has no bones.In addition, he has a very pleasant and harmonious taste.

on bush berries persist long enough, however, for long-term storage and transportation, they are not suitable.Most of all this variety is used for drying and eating raw.

Grapes Black Ladies finger, or as it is called, Husayn, is very useful for people with chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract.It matures for a hundred and fifty days, reaching maturity in mid-September.

bushes of this variety have a weak frost.In winter, they should be required to cover pre-cut off the excess branches.Furthermore, in conditions of high humidity, and prolonged berries start to rot.Besides grapes ladies fingers very picky about the constant watering.

rooting cuttings in it.Planting should be done in spring or autumn seasons in the soil with sufficient moisture.Bushes of this vigorous vine, with vine ripened, which is about thirty per cent of the fruit-bearing shoots.

most often affected the plant mildew and powdery mildew.And the disease is not only covers shoots and leaves, and clusters, forming a gray powder on them.At the same time the berries stop growing and begin to crack, and the inflorescence, not revealing die.Dry up, litter and leaves, and is beginning to spread around the plant a peculiar odor, like herring.These diseases are progressing in hot weather, in the rainy season retreat.

In order to prevent the grapes ladies fingers necessarily sprayed before hibernation to stop the fungus to multiply.A similar procedure is performed, and after the harvest, after cutting off excess dry vine.In general, experienced growers time to pay attention to signs of illness and immediately begin to fight with them.Moreover, to improve the spring clip fruiting grapes, leaving seven to nine shoots with an average of ten eyes on each bush.