What to feed the chicken in the first days of his life

Before describing what to feed the chicken, let us ask another question: "When to feed him?"Oddly enough, this topic is still here and there are heated arguments with convincing arguments."Oddly enough," - because the very nature provides a convincing answer.Look at the behavior of the chicks, which hatched Kvochka.It takes only 4-6 hours from the time of hatching - and they're not just waddle behind chicken for a walk, but also learn to look for pasture.

now turn to statistics: chickens, which provided water and food for the first 16 hours of life to survive on 20% better than the young, a day or two do not get any food at all.Finally, the argument from biologists in the early hours in the chick actively ripens internal organs, this process consumes most of the stored energy, which must be something to fill ...

understand for all of the above, look, what to feed chicken.And, in fact, that he can find in the courtyard?"Table" with fresh grass, sand, insects and plant seeds.Because of this, and we will proceed.

first two days of life the chicks are fed chopped hard-boiled egg yolk with a little semolina, so it does not stick together.You can also add a good ground feather chives and egg shells, cleaned from the film.To stabilize digestion and intestinal microflora colonization useful fresh yogurt (low-fat yogurt can be taken).That's just not yet know how the chickens peck liquid, have them drink from the syringe or pipette.These two days - the most difficult: to feed the chickens needed every two hours, including at night.

following three days of the diet is almost unchanged, except that it is already possible to give the yolk together with the protein and yogurt and clean boiled water in the drinkers are (necessarily individual).
then start the diet to increase the share of green and at the same time reduce the proportion of yogurt.To chives onions should be added alfalfa and clover.A yogurt to give way: soak it in a little stale white bread, squeeze, crush and pour into the trough.The diet should also appear low-fat broth and fish oil at the rate of 0.2 grams per day per head.Important than chicken feed, in addition to organic matter, sifted sand (for the prevention of gastric disorders) with mineral bait: crushed egg shells, seashells, wood ashes.Feed is already possible at least - every 3-4 hours.

At this time, in principle, already be understood than feed from 10 day old chicks.If they have almost no walking, add to the arsenal of disease prevention dressing vitamins, and twice a week - a very weak solution of potassium permanganate.From the night feeding it is already possible to give.
Now consider the question of what to feed weekly broiler chickens.There are several methods and diet are different.

diet of the first three days of life: grits or melkodroblenaya corn, wheat, barley, peeled from the film, as well as a mixture of wheat bran and well abraded hard-boiled eggs without shells or cottage cheese.You hear every 2 hours.Then dry feed mixtures, which are based on concentrated feed with additives (every 3-4 hours) and wet mash (soft food 2-3 times a day).Starting from the fifth day, broilers daily also give fish oil.

finely crushed peas, clover, nettle, alfalfa, dandelion, thistle leaves - these are what feed the chicken-broiler necessarily in the summer, starting from the 3rd day of life.With the 5-day-old herbal diet supplemented with flour and sprouted grains, and a 6-day of the meshanok added red carrots and yellow squash.In addition, broilers are fed mineral additives: crushed chalk, shells, bone meal, and since the 10-day age - gravel.