How to make a charming hairstyle in 5 minutes?

nice young man from a nearby office invites you to dinner and celebrate the 8th of March.What will you do first?Like most women, you are likely to take for your make-up?then will undo the top button of her blouse and remove the jacket is too formal, a little perfume.All is ready.Or not?

Do not rush!Hair - the most sexy piece of jewelry that has a woman.If your hair does not look sexy, then the chances of success you have too little.So how do you make your hair irresistible for those 5 minutes that we have available?

Add radiance

This technique is particularly suited to girls-owners of a short hairstyle.A little foam (choose not oily) on both hands and gently rub into the hair, which instantly adds shine to your curls.


If you have medium length hair, pick up in a ponytail - this is a way for you!Firstly, disheveled hair.Add some volume comb ends.A little gel to prevent hair disheveled.The main thing at this stage is not to overdo it, not to get his hair, or a complete lack of volume on the contrary, if you overdo it with the gel.

Add curls

«Long wavy hair is still not lost its relevance" - says Katherine.If you have long hair, screw them into the soft curlers.They are lightweight and can easily fit in a purse, and screwed them on the tips can be a matter of seconds.Put them not a bit of paint and let it sit for a while before doing makeup.And after 5 minutes you will come to the developing locks.

Collect all up

classical, romantic appearance can be achieved with almost any length of hair combed hair up - to contrast leaving a few loose curls around her face - and it instantly adds a piquant appeal.With pretty barrettes or more pins that match your hair color, you can change your appearance in just a second.Pull your hair back, and screw them secure.Smooth sides using hairspray, and then pull a little thin curls to frame the face.If they do not curly, screw them in pencil for a few seconds.Do you want to - believe it or - no, but the curls will hold.

in different directions

And finally - a recommendation for the ultra-fast styling.Nothing emphasizes the hint of a "spoiled girl" as strands of hair sticking out in different directions.Quickly comb the hair, divide them into strands, sprinkle with varnish and - forward.

And a few important tips:

always "sexy"!

Do you have a desire to take as a basis for a style vamp woman?Easily.Forget about straight hair without volume.Remember, look like models on the glossy covers.If you follow the step-by-step, do as follows.Wash your hair, apply a little conditioner, but do not overdo it as excessive moisturizing hair visually heavier and reduces their volume.Then dry the hair with a towel.When the hair is still a little wet, put on their ends (depending on length) little nutritional emulsion (mousse, gel), but the roots do not apply.Ideally, if it is applied to the length from the nose to the hair ends.Then shake the hair and dry them with a dry towel over the entire length.

In this case, the hair roots will always be more magnificent than the ends.After that, you can dry them using the air conditioner.It is easy to lift the strands of hair with your hands or a brush.Hair roots should be lifted to a greater extent.Try to make a bang or a portion smoother.To do this, you can even use a brush with dense bristles.

Lifting radical hair with his hands, his hands were made of something like "legs", but without the "discharging" nail and strongly lift the basal part.Before you leave home, make sure your hair is completely dry.You can use a little hairspray to fix the volume.Another tip.Apply a little perfume on your hair.It is very tempting.

Beautiful and natural

This advice is for those who really ran to 'five' minutes and does not have time to create hairstyles.Whatever your hair type, as long as they were clean and smelled good.It is better to take care of it the day before.Choose beautiful hairpin, so that it is in harmony with the dress and style.Barrette one side of the hair on his head, only one (!).Perfect feminine flower, big or malenkiy- the choice is yours.Do not forget about such an accessory, like a hat, especially if your date is scheduled for outdoors.The hat gives a woman sensuality and charm.In addition, taking off his hat in a cafe or restaurant in the ladies' room, you no attention should bring his head back in order.

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