Competent and proper calculation of the cost of building a house

With what should start the process of calculation?It is important to consider many factors, but the main emphasis is on various materials.They determine the calculation of the cost of building houses, forming estimates, the development of the project and so on.All figures are taken from the average of values ​​taken from different sources.Nevertheless, no significant difference is observed.As a result, it is possible to obtain a reliable value of the future construction of a house.

First we need to choose the technology of construction of buildings and structures, and the type of material:

- brick house;

- the structure of aerocrete;

- frame structures;

- permanent formwork;

- wooden house;

- High-rise buildings;


- straw construction.

Based on the price of the material and the complexity of working with him, will be calculating the cost of building a house.Price area, destined for an object is not considered.An essential role in the development of the project has a cost, as it is ready to document the projection of the building on which will be carried out and the construction of buildings.

Construction of brick

This type of building material is the most popular, well-known, but also costly.The construction of the building shell costs 15 000 rubles per square meter.m., but with a veneer facade.Next already more expensive.For example, the construction of a house of bricks "turnkey" is from 25 000 rubles per square meter.m. It is important to rely on a complete set of building: budget, standard and premium.If you choose a regular one-storey brick house 10x10 meters, with a simple gable roof of metal, it is necessary to expect that the construction of the building will cost about 2,914,100 rubles.The calculation of the cost of building a house will include materials handling, construction costs and transportation costs.It is good if taken into account and the board team of workers, which is important.Thus, the calculator for calculating the cost of building the house ready to show their rates for any form of object, material and finish.It is enough to set the desired parameters, and the system will give exact figures.

Building a house made of other materials

with the same parameters and sea facing, as well as a complete set shall be calculated from the cost of building a house aerocrete, wood, concrete panel, LSTC and other materials.Each building material has its advantages and disadvantages.Taken into account the weather, the terrain, the owners themselves preference and other factors.It is best to order a finished project in a good organization, which has developed a special program for calculating the cost of building a house of any material.Will only navigate at prices to choose a suitable place to pick up objects and an excellent team of builders.


should be understood that different organizations may find quite differently.Some take into account the prices of some producers, guided by their high quality, others may be called conventional building materials something unique, substantially overestimating their price.Before designing the project and cost estimates, is run independently on construction sites where there is a special calculator to calculate the cost of pre-construction home.This will get the first impression of the price, knowledge of what will have to pay, and that and so is included in the calculation.Thus, to deceive the future homeowner will not be able to anyone.The main thing is to possess at least some information and have a general idea of ​​the cost of materials and construction services.