How to make a bottle of glass vase?

If you have an empty glass bottles, which are different from the rest of the original design, do not rush to throw them away.It is an ideal material for creativity.A little imagination - and you have a bright and beautiful vase out of the bottle.The product can be painted from the inside.This method is the easiest.Therefore, for making better use of the vase from transparent glass bottles.It should be noted that the finished products perfectly fit into any decor and can attract attention even without a beautiful bouquet.

necessary materials and tools

As a glass bottle vase to do with your hands?To get started is to gather everything you need so you do not waste time searching.In this case, the need:

  1. transparent glass bottles.
  2. liquid or wipes to dissolve the paint.
  3. Waste container, preferably a bowl.
  4. large syringe.
  5. colored paint.It can be used in combination with white color scheme.

What paint is better to take

Because of the glass bottle vase do not so simple, it is worth careful approach to the choice of paint.On this depends the outcome.For painting of glass containers ideal usual waterproof paint, which is often used for windows or walls.Purchase can be in any hardware store.Certainly, implemented coatings typically in large volumes.Such amount will be enough to make more than one vase.So if you want to make several products in various shades, it is better to buy white paint.To achieve the optimum tone color scheme can be using.This product is sold in small bottles.Kohler can be used in pure form, if you want a brighter tone.

What tones for vases

choose colors for the manufacture of vases, you can choose absolutely any.It may be saturated bright or pastel and delicate.In this regard, there is no specific recommendations.If the finished product will be used as the brightest parts of the interior, it is worth paying attention to silver and gold tones.To find such paint now is not a problem.

Should mixed

So, how to make a glass bottle vase original and, of course, beautiful?You can try to mix different Kohler.This is useful if you need a little liquid.By mixing two completely different color can get a new one, which will be even more beautiful and unique.Of course, to start is to practice painting one color bottle.This will determine how much ink is spent on a vase.

Preparation and filling

vase out of the bottle should get a good decoration for the interior, this should be thoroughly mixed paint.The tone should be uniform.Otherwise there will be a divorce.The finished paint can be dialed in a large medical syringe.Use the needle in this case is not necessary.

Now you must pour the paint into the container.Since bottles made of glass bowl using a syringe, not all out, the funnel can be used.To manufacture this tool can be made of cardboard.Then a funnel is not a pity to throw away.

How to paint over all the surface of the vase

scheme in this case is quite simple.It is necessary to carefully paint over all the walls inside the bottle.At first glance, it may seem impossible.But it is not.In order to paint all surfaces, it is necessary to turn the bottle around.After that, the capacity should be tilted in different directions.Stain need everything, including the neck.When the process is complete, the remains should be returned to the tank where the mixing occurred.

What next

To dry container, you need to put it upside down.This will allow paints to flow down.Drying the finished product in a position to be as much as indicated on the package with the color scheme.

After some time, the vase will be ready.Paint can get to the outer vessel wall and prisohnut to the neck.To remove the excess and divorces, the solvent can be used.

remains ready to pour into the vase water and put the flowers.This completed a master class.Vases of the bottles fit perfectly into the interior.This original and beautiful.

to manufacture vases can be used not only bottles of expensive liquor.To do this, fit old decanters and vases, which is a pity to throw away.

How to cut a glass bottle

If you want to do a classical vase without bottleneck, you can cut off all unnecessary.This will require cold water, matches, cologne and a skein of thread.Everything is done very simply.On the neck of the bottle is necessary to wind the thread several additions, then moistened with a cologne.Then you need to burn the material.This bottle should be parallel to the ground to rotate around its axis.After some time on the hot glass is necessary to splash cold water.Bottle burst, and get a neat clean cut.The top edge of the product will not be sharp.

Another option

Glass bottles can be put in the original case.You can make your own.In this case, much depends on the tissue, including the effect.For a bedroom or living room, you can use the capacity, translucent organza draped satin or brilliant.All this composition is fixed at the neck and a nice neat bow.

As for the kitchen, there is better to use natural fabrics or textures reminiscent weave.There is another rule.Drawing and color of the fabric should be in harmony with those that are already present in the room: with kitchen towels, tablecloths and curtains.Such cases can be decorated with colored buttons or the original tape.

If you do not want to sew, then you can link.In this case, even easier.Figure can be created directly in the manufacturing process cover.It should be noted that the bottle dressed in products associated with needles or crochet, looks original.Thanks to them, you can create a cozy atmosphere in the house.

In conclusion, I think many would agree that the vase out of the bottle - it is economical and a great home decorating option.Such products will create a spring mood thanks to bright colors.To achieve best results, you should use a color scheme for bottles of different shapes.If you want to diversify the colors of products, it is best to use the same parameters for the container.Then the composition is an ideal look.