Caring - what is this?

attention, care, love, the care, the experience of someone - all these words are close to each other on actions that make people who have similar feelings.What is the concern?This is a manifestation of love or attention, or is it a separate concept, which manifests itself in a special way?

psychological meaning of the word "care"

This concept is the subject of study not only in psychology but also in pedagogy, medicine, philology and other sciences.Each branch of science considers this word differently.There are several definitions of the word "care".This attention, care, work or thought, which aims to provide anyone or anything welfare.It is understood that the definition of investment and effort for the benefit of any object.Some understand the care of anxiety, diligence, or anything at all burdensome.

How does it manifest itself?

How does care, we learn more from a small age.Many familiar picture of a crying child after the fall, which all the efforts of trying to appease my mother.The kid who is sick, my mother is ready to wear on the hands everywhere and always, to give him the most tasty and healthy, but he recovered.In wealthier families, mothers are the first example of the care and custody, united in one concept - care.

tender care manifested in anxiety of parents for children, a wife for her husband, and vice versa.This concern is not just in words, or in the heart, it is supported by concrete actions, such as cooking or favorite healthy dishes mother, harboring a cold night of his wife, Shopping outsiders indifferent person a lonely grandmother, and so on.

Personal care

human nature to take care of yourself.This is in part dictated by nature.We exist basic needs that must be met.This may be a need for sleep or food.We can not forget about them, because the organism itself reminds us that it is time to sleep or eat.And the food we do not use sawdust or rotten fruit, and delicious looking food, hearty and healthy.This elementary caring about yourself.Taking care of your health and lifestyle just right praiseworthy.

But there are cases of excessive care of yourself and your body.Such concern has borders with selfishness, self-absorption.Such people are usually hard to pay attention to others, so they are completely self-absorbed.This behavior is detrimental effect on human communication and personal dynamics, so sometimes you have to switch to the needs of others.Caring for others brings satisfaction, a sense of the need for someone to give incentive to the domestic implementation of other good deeds.

attention and care to their children

All parents believe that their children have something special.For every parent who loves their child is really the most intelligent, talented and good.Care for children - it is a big responsibility for parents.First you need to show love and care to infants, then to the kids, and then to teenagers.At the same time they need to provide and constantly deal with small or large problems associated with them.Of course, the parents get tired of the constant load of problems, but it does not absolve them of responsibility.

taking care of children, they should not forget about the needs of children.There psevdozabota when Mom or Dad are trying through the exercise of undue care or attention to solve any problems.Sometimes, in their quest to provide the child, they forget all about his need for recognition, tactile sensations every day, love and understanding.Delicate care of children - it is a manifestation of attention to moral, physical, social, psychological and material needs of children.Parents should be given to all of these areas equal attention.

care for their parents

In life everything is relative: today you're in the spotlight tomorrow, for you have forgotten;Today you are young and beautiful in the care of parents, tomorrow they need your care.Normal relations between children and parents assume care for each other.Caring - are actions that help to show their affection and love for the family.Parents in the elderly especially need the care of their children.They are not the same force that had been before.They are not always able to quickly move something or do not have time for health reasons can not exercise.There are some diseases that deprive a person the opportunity to care for themselves.In this case, to the aid of native people - adult children.The care and care for elderly parents - their duty of every sane adult child.If we remember and appreciate all the sleepless nights spent nerves, health and gray hairs of our parents, we do not settle with them for the rest of his days.So once again to share the news with them, wipe off the dust from the cabinet, wash the dishes after dinner is not at all something burdensome or shameful.

How to understand a word the man?

Man and woman differ in the understanding of some of the actions and words.The same difference is observed in the understanding of the value of care.Men are the majority in the word "care" see material support their women and children.Being realists and pragmatists, they rarely show their concern in the gentle words or actions.Many men is difficult to understand that the material support of children not replace them time together.

Let's do an experiment.Close your eyes and remember the happiest moments of childhood, spent with parents.It is unlikely that this will be eaten 10 servings of ice cream, bought cool sneakers or repair in the room.Probably the first thing that occurs in the memory - a fun game in the snow in winter, walks in the park or a family trip somewhere.In any case, the child remembers the quality of communication with parents, and not the material component.Pope!Do not skimp on care of the morale of the children and wives, as well as to satisfy their psychological needs.

care in understanding women

Women intuitively feel that it is necessary for their children, and men.Care in understanding women - are all possible activities that make them happy environment.Young mothers wakes maternal instinct, which helps children feel their fundamentals, their needs, there is a natural concern for the kids.A woman can create a paradise around him, if it be the sacrificial care for his family.It is because of different attitudes towards caring between men and women may experience differences.But it is important to remember that this quality can be manifested in different ways.Therefore, there is nothing wrong in the fact that my mother is more concerned about the feelings of the child and his physical condition and dad to buy toys.

Borders worries

Ironically, this care has its limits.Overprotective has never been a healthy concern of parents for their children or children for their parents.Surround care should be in moderation, because excessive concern relaxing, pampering and destroys the object to which it is directed.Man must mutually share the love, support and concern, not only to get all this unilaterally.In his care should focus on the needs of the person to whom it manifests itself, and not on their ambitions and desires.Then the joy of its manifestations will have a good effect on both sides.The manifestation of tenderness and care - it is a necessity not only for the family members, but also for the environment, because we, the people should help each other.