How to make a chair with his hands.

Furniture can be made not only of the boards, but also from any available material.The only question is whether it will be durable, reliable and durable.Consider how to make a chair with his hands out of plastic bottles, cardboard, wine corks, hoops and thread.

Chair of the bottles

wheelchair need the same bottle (do not remove the cover).Of these modules make the furniture was solid.For a single module need three bottles.One bottle should be an integer, the other two cut into two unequal parts (tip must be less).Now insert the tip of the cork down into the second half.On top put a whole bottle.It covers the second half of the third bottle.Slice module rewind tape.

Now fastening two or four modules together with duct tape or packing tape.Collect needed as long as necessary for the chair.To understand what blocks you need to create, add-ins in the form of chairs with armrests, and then tie.

For example, connect the armrests, back, bottom separately and then attach all the parts together.Do not skimp on the packaging tape, as the bottle must not move.

Instead of plastic bottles can take iron cans of infant formula and make a chair, a bed with his hands.Once the body is ready, tight it with foam.Separately sew cushions for the seat and backrest.Attach them to the foam rubber.Obtyanite fabric for furniture.Now you can tailor the cloak and beautify the chair.If you make a fixed housing, the furniture can last for several years.

Suspended chair

For this model, you will need an iron circle (hoop), polyester cord (thickness 5 mm, length 900 meters), hook №9, gymnastic rings, hook.Try to get the longest string since nodules under the pressure of the weight may eventually come loose.

Tie hook "seat" on the size of the hoop.You can use any pattern or design napkins, even a simple arched grid.Please note that the weight of the bottom will sink.So if you want a rigid chair, napkin size must be smaller than the hoop.That is the bottom of the pull on the foundation.You can not knit seat and using macrame hanging chair to make their own hands.

Next, you need to tie or weave top.To do this, the cords (the number depends on the person's weight and height - the height of the ceiling) weaves a small cut, dragged him through the mount.Begins to expand knitting, weaving cords together.After 20 centimeters entwine gymnastic ring.At the same time all of the cords to distribute an even number, and the rest of space is filled with other polyester segments.

Continue to weave all the cords together to form the chair (reminiscent of the tent).Further, the same cords entwine hoop.Therefore, the segments have to be long, and mounting - reliable.In fact, the chair is ready, but beauty can be a little tie and decorate the bottom fringe.

How to make a chair with his hands from papier-mache

This model requires a lot of time in the making, but the result is worth it.This chair is suitable for kids.We need to take a large fitness ball, inflate it, put in a bag attached to the bottom of a cardboard tape round bottom ("button" is on top).

Then paste ball newspapers, wallpaper using wallpaper paste, and PVA.To make it convenient to paste over the ball, "button" put it down to the pelvis.The process is the same as in the manufacture of papier-mache: Stick the first layer, left to dry.So you need to glue until it reaches the thickness of one centimeter.

Then turn the ball to go down it.Stationary knife make an oval shape (it turns out the similarity of the shell).It now remains to make an easy chair with his hands.Take a blanket, blanket, foam or other filler.Staple gun to attach the fabric body from all sides.

At least studs housing decorative cloth.Sew seat cushion, is sheathed in the same material and put in a chair.Attach wheels to the bottom.Get soft car seat for toddlers.Adults backrest and armrests can not survive.

chair bag

Kids can sew seat bag.Make it your own hands can not only professional seamstress.This will require patterns.They may be of any shape, but most popular pear oval end.Patterns are doing twice - on the mantle, and upholstery fabrics.

is undesirable to take the inside of the linings, as under the weight it will spread.It is better to buy a raincoat matter, it sturdy and waterproof.This is particularly important if there are small children.

crosslinking pattern, fill them with special foam balls.Do it on the streets or in the garage, because they magnet sticks to the hands and scatter in different directions.The result was the inner bag.Now sew the cover of the same patterns of nine (six wedges, a top and bottom halves), only to the bottom or between two wedges sewn zipper.As you can see, seat bag is easy to do with their hands.

predict what form is best for sitting, it is impossible.Only with the first experience you will be able to understand how much you need to pour the pellets, which fabric to use, what patterns should be.

How to make a rocking chair with his hands out of cardboard

cardboard with proper resignation creates a durable material that can withstand an adult male.There are several options for the manufacture of cardboard chairs.

  • Cut from cardboard boxes to the width of the chair.Each rectangle bend into three equal parts.You make one triangle.Further, all the triangles are fastened together with hot glue or cords, forming the shape of the chair.Wrapping it with foam, tight cloth and garnish the cape.
  • can make patterns from one rocking chair with his hands.Draw a sketch of the side with back and seat bottom.It may be in the form of a lower case "a", an oval, a hockey stick, and so on. G. About 70 necessary identical patterns between which kleite cardboard inserts (triangles plate).Further, as a tight-fitting foam and fabric.
  • Draw a sketch on cardboard four chairs (side view) and inserts of various lengths and thicknesses.Boxes make incisions and insert them into the sidewall.Sheathed with thick foam, fabric, and get a chair a chair.

Chair of the tires

If there are two car tires, a piece of felt, thick and thin foam, flexible plywood, it is possible to make garden furniture.So, how to make a chair with his hands out of the tires:

  • wheel wash and dry;
  • tires put on each other;
  • fastening them together with screws;
  • overlaid felt;
  • attach his staple gun;
  • once felt cut;
  • turn the wheels;
  • size tires circle cut two thick and thin foam;
  • put a thick piece in the wheel;
  • top coated with a thin circle;
  • of thin foam cut another circle that covers the entire bus;
  • stapler attach material;
  • screws tighten flexible plywood;
  • received back from two sides Wrap thin foam;
  • fasten matter stapler;
  • Sew hood cover the entire chair;
  • put it.

cover better stitching of thick fabric with sinteponovye lining.If the seat will be in the house, the whole body upholster fabric, and then put on the cover.

chair hammock

the dacha or balcony suitable chair hammock that love both adults and children.You will need a thick stick, dense fabric, cords, straps, fastening.From fabric cut a rectangle (its size depends on the parameters sitting).Sew in half, if the fabric is not very dense, or just treat the edges.

Sew straps across the width of the rectangle.We stick drill two holes and insert with fastening cords.To her with clamps attach the straps in a bun.Hang the hammock to the ceiling.There are other ways to make a child seat with his hands.From

cords woven into the art of macrame and crochet long and wide rectangle.On each side of the handle tie-straps and tie them stick.Also fix with fastening cords.The result was a net hammock.Now sew mattress and a chair for the cape.Form outboard seats can be any.The main thing is that the material was intact, without cuts (that is the seat of the whole tissue or long cords).

Conclusion There are many ways how to make a chair with his hands.It may be bottles, cans, cardboard, newspaper tube, tires, fabric, thread, boards, plywood, boxes.Homemade furniture in appearance is not worse than the purchase, it complements any interior.