Dream Interpretation: what dreams insect

It is known that insects are very different: nice, nice and helpful (butterflies, ladybugs, bees, etc.), nuisance and unpleasant (cockroaches, etc.).But what if an insect in one form or another dream we dream?We offer ask a question: "What dream insect?" - To several well-known and popular dream books.

Intimate dream book: an insect dream

dream in which you kill insects, symbolizes much rather get rid of the existing problems of an intimate nature.It is possible that in your life will have a new sexual partner.

old French dream book, Why dream insect

According to the interpretation of the dream book, a lot of insects dreamed dreamer promises great success in any business, especially if it is associated with some creativity.

Italian dream book Meneghetti: insects dream

Answering the question "what dreams insect," the drafters of the dream book say that it is a very negative image.Moreover, the negative impact on human life depends on the type of insect's dream.So, mites or other insec

t, bites into the skin, promise a dreamer meet energy vampire that will suck out his life energy.

Dreams White Mage: what dreams insect

dream in which at you turns a swarm of various insects, is a reflection of the fact that in real life you concentrate too much on small and inconsequential casesthat take you a lot of energy and do not give focus on the really important things.Try to shift these responsibilities to their subordinates.Why dream of an insect bite?This dream is regarded as a harbinger of success in any business or endeavor.A dream in which you're trying to get away from your pursuit of insects, warns that in the near future, you will be obliged to perform some very dreary and unpleasant thing that you will not like.If you dream that you catch butterflies or beetles, it is possible that in real life you pay more attention to little things at the expense of the really important matters.

Esoteric Dream Interpretation: beetles

insects of enormous size, seen in a dream, the dream book discusses the data as an overwhelming sense of fear of various illnesses and other troubles.If a giant beetle is preparing to attack you, keep in mind that their feelings and fears you attract trouble, and if you can not take control of your emotions, then you can not avoid problems.A dream in which you annoy small, pesky gnats, indicates that from others to you constantly drained negative information about other people.Try to stop to absorb all of these stories, as they are attracted to you and negative energy.A dream in which the insects crawling on you, warns that in the near future, you can become a victim of gossip and intrigue.Very beautiful insects dream promise a situation where you can be deceived in their expectations.