Tony Ward: gifted color

April 3 in Moscow at Crocus Atelier Couture in Stoleshnikov Tony Ward will present 29 luxurious dresses from new collection haute couture spring-summer 2008.

name of the designer is often pronounced and royal receptions and private parties Donald Trump.The most sophisticated public is closely following the work of a talented designer, because his work - this is a real high fashion.

Tony Ward grew up in an atmosphere of haute couture - in the family, which owned the most famous fashion atelier in Lebanon ATELIER WARD Haute Couture.In Paris, he brilliantly graduated from the best schools tailor's skill, and then it was time of great masters.

The assets of the couturier - work in such acclaimed fashion houses like Lanvin, Dior and Chloe.

This invaluable experience has approved Tony Ward's determination to pursue a solo career in Lebanon.Since 1994, each collection of the designer - this event in the world of haute couture.

new collection spring-summer 2008 season, which is a Lebanese fashion designer will present in Crocus Atelier Couture in Stoleshnikov Lane - the best evidence.

Tony Ward generously gave all their models color in his palette - pristine green spring leaves and golden sun, warm evenings silver haze and purple sunset.

Among the collection of fabrics - soft silk, precious brocade, weightless gas, more like a strange transparent wings of butterflies, organza, which rustles so that stops the heart, noble taffeta, lace unique, flowing satin, tulle lush, mysterious moire.

These luxurious fabrics Ward adds hand embroidery and precious finishing that turn each card into a work of art.

The collection includes a dress with a bodice delicately embroidered with 5000 stones.Designer dresses included a finishing Swarowski rhinestones and made it a royal scale.

dresses from Tony Ward formed posture, gait change and emphasize self-esteem.This trend is most urgent at all times.

If you decide to order an exclusive outfit by Tony Ward, now you do not have to fly to Paris or Milan, although it is always a pleasure.

Every month maestro arrives in Moscow in Crocus Atelier Couture, to personally take your measurements, choose the fabric and create an image, one of a kind.

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