White and fluffy ... What a dream that it snowed?

The people asked: "What a dream that it snowed?", The answer is clear - will laugh.But not all commentators agree with this opinion, the more that is of great importance, how it was a dream of snow.What is known downers say on the matter?

Dreams Zhou Gouna

What dreams that it snowed?Expect the best of luck!The benefit is already running your shadow.When snowflakes fall right at you - as a success.And if you cover your house or yard - to the mourning.If you dream that you go under the falling snowflakes, but they do not touch your body will be buried some of the older relatives.

Old Russian dream book

What dreams fallen snow?By assignation!This long-awaited meeting will fill you with happiness.If you go on the newly fallen snow - you will find a pleasant surprise.If the snow is dirty - you'll be amazed wonder unpleasant.Something bad will learn.This story tells of a merchant's daughter in this source: "I dreamed suddenly snowed!The next morning the two men came from the kind my son papa other.Honey was kind to me - the words spoken gentle, brought gifts to the rich!Collusion place, and now I'm looking forward to the wedding feast! ยป

English dream interpretation: what dreams that it snowed?

Falls - a spotless reputation and good current affairs.Walking in the snow with his beloved - reciprocity and strong marriage.If you found the storm - will be subjected to severe tests, which soak with honor, for the fate of generous grant you.You will overcome all adversity and become a respected member of society, the father of a numerous family, and respectful

Esoteric Dream Interpretation

white snow falls, covering all around clean fluffy blanket?Will hurt.This will inevitably find yourself in a hospital bed.Melting snowflakes - to recovery.If sculpt a snowman - lung disease.Heavy snowfall, because of which is not seen nothing around - a sadness.

Dreams Hasse: what dreams that it snowed?

Seeing snowflakes fly - to obstacles.Lie down on the ground - to the changes in life.Walks on snow-covered field - trouble.If you dream that fell in the snow and you can not get out - there will be difficulties in the business sphere.If the snow illuminated by the bright sun melts - your future is encouraging!

Dream Miller

just see the snow - a trouble-free life.Everything is going well at home and at work.Storm - to the disappointment.Your hopes will be deceived.Dirty snow - to wounded pride, humiliation.If you dream you are eating the snow, then your ideals are destroyed adverse events.If you see a beautiful swirling snowflakes covering everything fine white decoration - to catch the tail of luck, getting money and power!For girls the dream is true elect.Play snowballs - to litigation with relatives (most likely because of the inheritance).

Small sonnik

falls - for trouble.Snowstorm - to the collapse of hopes for prosperity.Dirty snow - it hurts your feelings.You may have to ask the man whose arrogance makes you just disgusted.Snow falls and immediately melts - an end to all fears!You are waiting for an unprecedented success and prosperity.