Ready to open dress?

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Spring - a welcome time, when we are happy to take off their hats and heavy coats, warm tights.Substitute face the first rays of the sun and are already dreaming of a summer holiday.Only here, our skin is not ready to show itself.Well, prepare the skin for spring and summer!

After winter days, when almost all the time had to be in a long-sleeved dress in costumes with closed legs and buttoned collar, the skin does not look like it was during the summer beach gatherings.But very soon the time will come weekends outdoors with a barbecue and a stroll under the stars.And you do not want to show all the dry peeling skin!

one way out - will not.Just for the remaining two or three weeks will prepare the skin for a period of open romantic dresses.

basic rules:

• Moisturize

Yes, everyone knows that the hydration - the key to youthful skin.Make it a rule to drink during the day enough water.Eight glasses.The water should be cool, good quality.Warm or hot water will not rehydrate, hot coffee and tea in the eight glasses not included.

most difficult - it is to drink the right amount.There is a hint: just pour in a bottle of 1.5 liters of clean water - this will be your norm for the day.Then you can control how much water is drunk.Then your choice - either to pour into a glass and drink a glass or a drink from the bottle during the day.

• Peeling

you noticed that the tibia become dry?Yes, it's the constant wearing boots and tights.Quality peels help.A good scrub will not only prevent dryness and flaking of the skin, but do not give the skin to dry further.In the exposed parts of the skin (face, neck, hands) peels have to be gentle enough, as the first rays of spring sun incompatible with these kinds of deep exfoliation as chemical peels.And in the rest of the body can be chosen exfoliant and more serious than usual.

• Pedicure

Winter - a time when the legs and feet of the most neglected.Therefore calluses and rough skin on your feet may be surprised.To avoid this, make a professional spa pedicure in the salon, or try something like that to make yourself at home.You will need a bath salt to soften the feet a good scrub, soft pumice, body oil for moisturizing the feet after the procedure.

• Fatty acids

healthy young skin - this is another reason to start eating foods that contain fatty acids.They not only provide skin nutrients, but also are involved in the wetting of the skin and are the building blocks of skin cells.Even those who keep a strict fast, can afford linen or hemp oil, salmon, mackerel.

• Vitamin A

This ingredient often found in night creams and serums, he has a proven effect on age spots and skin darkening, as well as a rejuvenating effect (retinoids).If your new spring cream contains vitamin A, the update provided by your skin.And to secure the effect of do not forget to eat lunch one young carrots, it will provide you with another kind of vitamin A - beta-carotene.

• Vitamin B3

This vitamin is often overlooked in skin care.Meanwhile, it is proved that it reduces redness of the skin and moisturizes it.And it's a great outlet for those who for some reason can not always afford to provide adequate moisture.Also, vitamin B3 - this fatty acid.

• Detox

sure is after the winter period cleansed not only from within (the post helps to do this), but also to clear toxins from the skin.And to help in this visit to the bath or sauna.It is necessary to thoroughly sweat.Since then come all the harmful substances that have accumulated over the winter skin.In part, this is the cause of frequent rashes, irritation and redness.In addition, a sauna or a bath will help to intensify the metabolic processes in the skin, which is also very important for detoxification and maintaining healthy and youthful skin.So - plan to warm spring days camping with friends in a sauna.

Now gat summer shoes, dresses, blouses with short sleeves and forward - toward spring warmth!A further and bikini season we will not be a burden.

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