"Yuppies" - a subculture of successful people

«Yuppies" - a subculture of young people who have achieved high results in work at a young age, and is the business elite of modern society.

History of

Now young people do not aspire to freedom from society, disorderly life and the absence of rules.The new ideology of the younger generation - a financial success, reaching the top career in his youth."Yuppies" - subculture in English - «yuppie».Stands for young urban professional - young urban professional.

youth subculture "Yuppie" originated in the early 80s of the last century in the United States.In Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union, it reached its peak at the end of the 90's - early 2000's.Even then, in the 80s, all the advanced edition of the US were full of notes about the new youth movement that appears.The ideology of radically contrary to the ideology of their predecessors - the hippies.

This subculture marked a dramatic change in the life of the country in the United States in the distant '80s, and in the former Soviet Union in the 2000s."Yuppies" - a subculture that is likely to occur under the influence of events unfolding lives of young people through 180 degrees.Thus, in the example of Russia and CIS countries can say with certainty that the cause of this movement was the transition from the old Soviet principles and banditry 90 to a new life in which youth, after studying at the workers and engineers, has not found a place in his specialty.

sharp rise of the market economy required the presence of sellers and managers, but for such an eventuality were not ready either graduates or society itself.There are the young rebels who do not want to occupy the niche of unemployment and poverty.They are trained, learn new life and new demands.

«Yuppies" - a subculture, the history of which to date totals 35 years.Now, after 15-25 years we have seen these people in senior management positions of large companies or as business owners.


«Yuppies" - a subculture characterized by its attributes from any other direction.Has achieved in this life, self-respecting "yuppie" has a strict three-piece suit from expensive fabrics.For him, clothes - a confirmation of the status in life and his "face" for the partners.The concept of "most expensive" surrounds him everywhere.The best smartphone, modern trends of IT-technologies.

required the presence of an expensive, fast car, a representative of the elite class.Even if the "yuppies" does not drive, he has hired a driver.They live in prime locations in the luxury apartments and mansions.Availability of staff required.Often, they do not acquire a family, because the work and the desire for success has always come first.

ideas and outlook "yuppie»

few "yuppie" recognize and respect the institution of the family.Available as a pre-marital and sexual relations in marriage is not a taboo for them and, as a rule, is not public information.Such people believe in polygamy relationship with something in the same status, as well as luxury cars.Personality of "yuppies" differs extreme narcissism, in connection with which they are rare among those who has behind him a marriage and monogamous relationships.

external behavior "yuppies" are cynical, pragmatic and contempt for individuals who have not achieved heights in life.Take apolitical stance.

not accepted in such circles to discuss the failure of health problems - it is a sign of weakness.The only thing you can complain "yuppies" - the lack of time.They do not brag about their victories and did not complain about the failures.So it is not accepted.There is no concept of "earned", there is only one reason for the respect of others - a "self-made."And the main motto - a 'first come, and sneakers. "

In communities "yuppies" are taboo for such symptoms as envy and hatred.They stiffly polite and friendly.The most common manifestation of aggression is to indicate to the other party in the lower "status" of accessories - electronics, costume, car, housing, a woman.

As a rule, "yuppies" do not create a circle of close friends.Their environment - it useful contacts and staff.Representatives of this movement rarely have the range of interests other than their work.First - it is a waste of time.Second, the main interest of their lives - work.

Lost cult of "yuppies»

«Yuppies" - a subculture, a photo which confirms that to date it has lost its romantic existence.End of an era "in rem" attitude to life.Today, win professionals do not only work obsessed.Their new priorities - interweaving professional and free time for the accomplishment of his personal life, their favorite hobbies.

today's young and successful person does not put an end to the small pleasures of life and plunged headlong into the abyss of work.Now the priority is to achieve top of a career in order to be able to build a working time at will, leaving space for the realization of their plans and ideas outside the profession.

Now they have political views and convictions, actively participate in the political life of the state.

image of the "yuppie" in literature and film

image of "yuppies" - one of the most popular writers and directors.Examples bright personality may serve as such characters as:

  • Patrick Bateman in the novel "American Psycho."
  • protagonist of the novel "99 francs".
  • Bud Fox from the movie "Wall Street."
  • Jack Campbell in the movie "Family Man."

followers "yuppie»

«Yuppies" - a subculture whose members have seen the purpose and for the sake of achieving it could move mountains and cross through anything, even through their personal wants and needs.But with time comes the understanding that the work can not bring satisfaction without personal realization of the individual.

And today there are followers of this movement, but the range of their interests has expanded.They succeed not only in trade but also in the family unit, the realization of their desires, not related to the profession.Career and money - this is now not the ultimate goal, but only the way to the possibility of self-realization and the acquisition of wealth.