Who is the god of the dead jackal-headed?

Egyptian mythology still excites the imagination not only of researchers, but also ordinary people.All the stories are like a fairy tale, which is not always good and bright.There is in it and the terrible tales of curses and the fate of enemies.Divinity occupy a place of honor in the history of Egypt.Not least the god of the dead from the head of a jackal.

Patron dead

According to some legends, Anubis - the son of the god Osiris and all plants Nephthys.According to legend, Nephthys long time hid the newborn from her husband Seth.The young god found shelter at the mother goddess Isis - sister Nephthys.Later, Seth discovered Osiris betrayal and ruined.Anubis personally engaged burial and wrapped the body of a dead tissue with a special impregnation.

manuscripts in ancient Egyptian god of the dead jackal-headed depicted seated on a throne.According to legend, he was the first mummy.He is also the founder of the ritual burial.Anubis is considered a deity, who participated in the judgment of the dead, he was shipped to the righteous Osiris.The wicked will fall into the realm of the soul Ammita.He is depicted as a man with the head of a jackal.According to one legend, Anubis found guise of a jackal, to find the dead body of Osiris.

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first mention

According to legend, Anubis, the god realm of the dead in Egypt, became the first patron of the underworld.For a long time he was considered the main deity in this realm.His task was the translation of the dead from the world of the living to the world of the dead.However, after the death of Osiris and his elevation is given a secondary role.The famous Book of the Dead Anubis is depicted in the scene of the weighing of the heart of the deceased in the scales of justice.He always helps his own daughter Kabechet, which takes an active part in the process of mummification.

So far there is no exact description of the beginning of life of the deity.This is an indication that God is more ancient than many might expect.Its origin is shrouded in mystery.In addition, the god of the dead jackal-headed has several names.He was worshiped throughout ancient Egypt.But the most ardent supporters were residents Kinopolisa.

How to ensure getting souls to Osiris?

Ancient Egyptians believed that only a profound reverence for the gods will provide a place in the afterlife.The patron god of the dead personally oversaw the mummification of bodies.That is why the priests wore a jackal mask during mummification.In addition, he judged the soul by weighing their hearts on the scales.Thus, he measured their faith in the gods.

To defunct soul found peace in the underworld, the embalming ritual must take place in strict compliance with the requirements.One small mistake led to restless wandering souls in the world of the living.To appease Anubis, next to the dead had to put the coat of arms of God.In addition, there were other things that might need the soul.

After embalming Anubis (god of the dead jackal-headed), accompanied by the soul to the throne of Osiris.Here the face of the chief deity of the underworld on the scales put the heart of the deceased.In a second bowl was supposed to put a feather of the goddess of justice.If the weight of the sins of the soul outweighed her demon sent Ammati.Only the soul with a pure heart and thoughts could find peace.

Images god

Unfortunately, up to now have not reached the whole of the statue of the god.Most of the tombs were plundered.There were brave souls who are not afraid of the curses of the pharaohs and priests.The only surviving statue - a jackal, which was found in the tomb of Tutankhamen.Here he is shown in a full-length guard the treasury.Also it was found the mask used in the embalming process.All the found artifacts are carefully preserved in museums.