Learning May-sling.

May-sling Mom came into use relatively recently.But to say that it was invented in the days of our time, so slukavit.Mothers of some countries of the world have long used this simple dressing to be worn with a child.

it possible to combine an active lifestyle and motherhood?

Sling provides an excellent opportunity to close contact of the child and the mother, freeing up her hands.This fact has made this device is very popular in today's dynamic world.Nowadays, many mothers live a fairly active life, and the use of the sling allows you to part with her baby under any circumstances.

Species of this device can be identified quite a lot: scarf, ergo backpack, fast sling model on the rings.Each of these perenosok has its advantages and disadvantages.Of particular interest is moms May sling.At what age child it can be used?This moot.To answer this question unambiguously, it is necessary to consider the peculiarities of its design and use.

Where from May to sling?

May-Sling was invented in Asian countries.In China and Japan mom used this band is from the first day of life.The device of this design has nothing to do with common baby carrier.May-sling is a rectangle made of relatively thick fabric.The corners are sewn wide and long strap with padded synthetic padding inside.Models of various designs allow cross straps behind my mother, to tie, to fasten them or to get a baby.May-sling can be equipped with various accessories: pockets, buckles, rivets.It can also be colorfully decorated with embroidery or applique.

Many parents at the sight of this device are wondering about when you can start using the May-sling, at what age.Slingokonsultant - a specially trained expert who has full information about carrying children.This person can give good advice on the use of the sling in a particular situation, to find a suitable model and show a master class on wearing it.

What advantages have May-sling?

May-sling, at what age would it is used, and gives the parents and the child a number of advantages.

  • Kid is constantly under the control of the mother by her side.It's good for both.The mother quietly go about their business, knowing that the baby is all right, it is full, dry, safe and sound.The kid from such close contact growing more confident and develop harmoniously.
  • heat mother's body helps to get rid of intestinal colic and calms the child.
  • process becomes easier to fall asleep and sleep next to my mother - stronger.
  • with baby in a sling Mother May-free to carry out campaigns in public places, a trip to any transport, even by bicycle.
  • can feed the baby without being distracted by household chores and completely invisible to others.
  • May-sling design saves mother from back pain, since the load is distributed evenly.
  • This unit is compact and practical to use, easy to wash.
  • combination of convenience and attractive design makes it particularly pleasant wearing for modern mothers.
  • age at which you can apply in May-sling - from birth up to 2-3 years.
  • kid is in the physiological position, legs spread wide.It is a good prevention of dysplasia.
  • May-sling, at what age child you would have started to use it either, easy to learn and does not require special skills.
  • There are many options for wearing the baby: to face him, on his side, on the back.

small inconvenience in wearing May-sling due to the fact that there is no comfortable position "lying", so the sleeping baby this device is not provided.To change the position of the baby in a carry, it is necessary to untie the straps on their shoulders, which is not very comfortable.

From what age you can begin wearing a sling in May?

Here it is - the adaptation May-sling.At what age a child can use it?Many tend to think that the absence of rigid fixation of the head in a horizontal position making inappropriate use of this device in infants under 4 months.

But historical facts assert the opposite: Chinese women and Japanese women used the May-sling from birth, and the multiplicity of their nation has confirmed that this is absolutely harmless.

In addition, recent studies have shown the German Orthopaedic following: Physiology optimal fit for carrying a newborn baby - pose with divorced frog legs to the sides.This automatically brings clarity to the question of what age you can use sling-May.Using this tool, Mom provides comfort your baby from the very first days of life.


But there are some subtleties to provide comfort child.It is worth noting that this method requires a secure fit to wear the baby back, what can be achieved if to pull her to her mother.In the horizontal position, the baby can sleep and eat.Moreover, and equally convenient to the baby, and year-old kid.

For vertical wearing a child's weight is distributed evenly on the back, waist and shoulders of parents.All discomfort thus minimized, fatigue is felt.

At what age can apply in May-sling, resolved by the parents, but the child comfortable in it from the very first days of life.The back is fit snugly but gently pushes the baby to the mother, the maximum load is removed.The straps and cross on the back child support delicate spine.Position your baby at the same time - reclining on the parent.Baby's legs out to the sides and bow belt mum.

load on the spine is carried out not in a downward direction, as in the baby carrier and evenly over the thighs and buttocks of the baby.Legs wide apart promotes correction and prevention of dysplasia.

examining all these features, it is not necessary to puzzle over the question of what age can be worn in May-sling.Progressive world uses it since the early days of baby's life and experiences will only positive emotions.

Wearing a baby on her back in May-sling

May-sling very comfortable to wear baby on your back.Those who use this device in this way, argue that because the baby is even easier to wear than the front.

Experienced users of this type of devices claim that the age at which a child can be worn in May-sling on his back - 3-4 months.It was then that parents have experience with carrying and self-confidence.However, if a certain practice is already there, and the child - not the firstborn, it is safe to start wearing it in May and a sling on her back from the first days of life.

How to choose a good May-sling

No matter what age to use from May to sling you choose, there are some recommendations for choosing these devices.By following them, you will provide maximum comfort to the child and yourself.Choosing the right model in May-sling, pay attention to the following details:

  • carrying straps should be a minimum width of 10-14 cm, inside them must be sewn padding polyester.If we neglect such a design, the straps will dig into the shoulders and back and twisted when worn.The variant May-sling straps unlined, but in this case, their width shall be at least 17 cm. The places where the upper straps are attached to the cloth further strengthened seams in the form of a triangle or a square.

  • main part of the May-sling - a panel in the form of a square.Its width reaches 35-45 cm and the height may be within the range of 45-60 cm. The dimensions are not essential.In the same sling will feel comfortable and the baby, and the baby-year-old.If the length of the sling more than is required, it is easily solved by turning in lap.
  • fabric, which is made from May to sling should be as natural and breathable.Ideal cotton material and on its basis.A small amount of the inclusion of synthetic filament, if the child is not allergic.A very important requirement to the tissues - they do not have to reach.

Conclusion Despite the controversy over whether experts at what age can apply May-sling, they all agree on the benefits of this device for the child and for the parents.This is a wonderful invention of man allows parents to be active and to be standing next to your child.