What are insole to reduce the size of the shoes?

Very often, women face problems in selecting shoes.And even after the purchase turns out that size is too large, it is very uncomfortable in daily wear.But what to do in such a situation?The answer you will learn from this article.

it possible to reduce the size of the shoe?

new shoes go perfectly with your favorite outfit, so refer them back to the store does not want.When this change their form can only be factory using spray softener, which does not reduce the size, and make it even more.What to do?

can resort to improvised means and make the leather or fabric lining heel shoes.And it is possible to condense the same material toe shoes, which will also help reduce the size.But these methods do not always make the footwear comfortable to wear.Therefore, manufacturers have offered women a very interesting solution.

silicone insoles to reduce the size of shoes

This unique accessory is a transparent and soft cloth, which is installed on the heel shoes.Due to the silicone from which it is made, the insole is not felt when walking and does not bring discomfort.Moreover, the foot will be protected from the formation of calluses and corns, which will eliminate the purchase of patches.A surrounding even guess that you do not buy shoes in size.

soft silicone is highly resistant to daily wear insoles to reduce the size of shoes, a photo which you can see in this article.Just wash it in warm soapy water from pollution.With careful operation the product is able to last up to one year.

How to select insole to reduce the size of the shoes?

advantage of silicone liners is that they are suitable for everybody.That is, they can buy both holders 36 and 40 size.However, we must take into account the thickness of the insole.After all, it is from this figure depends on how it will be convenient to wear shoes.Furthermore, the insole may be used only if purchased footwear high up to 0.5 centimeters.In that situation, if the new shoes have a big size by as much as two, better to bring them back to the store, or give a friend.

When buying insoles to reduce the size of the shoe also note that it must be the basis of adhesive on one side.It allows you to securely attach it to the heel of the shoe.However, the glue tends to fade under the influence of water.So after a while you'll need to replace the insoles with new ones.

If you have a few pairs of shoes is not the size, it is necessary to buy for each individual silicone earbuds.It is not only hygienic, but also preserves the integrity of the adhesive bases for a long time.

How much silicone insoles?

you can buy the product in almost any shoe store.Some large retail chains offer a insole to reduce the size of shoes as a gift to the main purchase.The cost of one pair is from 100 to 350 rubles depending on the country of origin.It is better to give preference to high-quality goods to which the guarantee is given.After all, it affects not only the convenience, but also health.The correct geometry of silicone insoles to avoid pain in the legs and foot deformities.While low-quality or homemade shells can cause circulation to the orthopedist.

insoles to reduce the size of the shoe - a unique invention that should be in the arsenal of every girl.Indeed, in any situation you need to not only look irresistible, but also feel comfortable.