Land use and development in Russia

land use and development - a document that dictates the order of operation and land development.It was compiled in accordance with the zoning.Zoning - this division of the city into zones and establishing for them common to all urban planning regulations.This adjustment has long been used in the majority of cities in Russia.The draft states that the land use and development are created for sustainable urban development and to improve the environment.It ensures the safety of objects of culture and rights of the people.Each city is a separate project.

In St. Petersburg

For example, in St. Petersburg authorities had to develop a land use and development in 1998, but not in a hurry with this.Since the document was accordingly no rules and urban planning.The government distributed land at their own discretion.As a result, the city raised the question of corruption and began to infringe the rights of residents.In connection with the sealing buildings, the city began to appear conflicts that eventually became widespread.Residents are still waiting for this document.

existing shortcomings

land use and development should give an answer to the question of where to build a house, and where not.Existing projects made wrong and covers many areas.It does not provide rules for construction in the suburbs, historical centers and regions of the mid-construction.All laws are extremely laconic and worked out in detail, all this unleashes officials.The main drawback is that the land use and development do not meet the Master Plan in the city of St. Petersburg.The authors of this document, even tried to alter some of the sub-plan.As a result, the conflict of these two laws, which contributes to the impossibility of their execution.Due to the poor performance of zoning laws there are big problems.Existing laws can not even be regarded as a legal document, since it clearly can not be interpreted.All land use and development is completely contrary to the requirements of the Town Planning Code of Russia.


same situation in other Russian cities.Land use and development of Moscow are also in the process of development.The city authorities are working on them and make constant corrections.State Duma deputy Mikhail Moskvin said that all previous rules can contribute to compaction across the field.He added that the new rules of construction and land use will be reviewed in the coming year.Otherwise, the issue of urban planning documentation will be suspended.If such a situation in the largest cities of Russia, then what to talk about small?It can be concluded that the land use and development is not regulated across the country, and it threatens unnecessary compaction throughout.