Temple sports - a small sports arena.

Everyone knows that the sport - that's life.Interestingly, not only to participate in any match or competition, but also watch how others do it.To that end, people go to sports arenas and stadiums.Small Arena "Luzhniki" takes a worthy position in the list of tacit best places where you can admire the beautiful game.


sports arena in the middle of the last century, it was decided that Moscow needs a small sports arena.Luzhniki been selected the place where the new building should be located.To begin construction.And by the end of the 50s, Muscovites were able to relax in the stands and seats to admire the abilities of athletes and cheer for your favorite team.

But then somehow it looked small sports arena."Luzhniki" attracted not so many people as it is today.The reason for this was the absence of the roof.And the athletes and spectators could only hope that during the match will not start to rain.Otherwise, I had to endure all the whims of nature.

Small Arena "Luzhniki" evolved only towards the 80th.Then she became what sports fans know it today.After that, for a small sports arena entered a new stage.

whom you can see

large number of different people are attracted to a small sports arena."Luzhniki" has long been a place of pilgrimage for fans of different sports.If by "big brother", is located here, everything is clear, then one can see the same people on a small sports arena?

Of course, most people come here to see a hockey game.It plays team "Dynamo".In the game your favorite hockey team can look up to 7,500 people.

Ice playground is easily transformed into the playing field.And then it will be possible to enjoy such spectacular games like volleyball, handball, basketball.In addition, you will see the competition gymnasts, boxers or wrestlers.

Features arena

Small sports arena has its own characteristics.Some of them are pleasant, while others do not.But definitive conclusions everyone can do for themselves.

Sports fans do not crowd around one or two inputs.They can go through the one that immediately brings to the desired sector.In order to pass, you will need to use an electronic ticket.Although this method is good to its convenience, it is rarely used.

icy ground not raised, as in many other arenas.Because some viewers can not watch the game with full comfort.

For true fans

True hockey fans will be able to not only watch the game, but also to communicate with hockey players.Sometimes those players who were not declared, handing out autographs to fans of the team during the game.

But there are other advantages at the stadium "Luzhniki".Small Sports Arena, the scheme will help to understand the intricacies of corridors, offers to buy paraphernalia favorite hockey club.It can be not only shirts, scarves and flags, and much more.You can buy a mug with the logo of their favorite team, sweaters, hats and even soft toys.It is here that you can not only buy for themselves something reminiscent of his favorite hockey club, but also buy a gift for the true fan.

All amenities

any sporting contest takes a very long time.And that spectators and athletes were able to relax, take appropriate breaks.If players try to accumulate as much as possible the forces and understand how to proceed in order to bring the team long-awaited victory, the audience, too, do not lose time.They also wish to strengthen their forces, and to look for places where we could buy food and drinks.Visitors

small sports arena will be able to relax in the cafeteria.There you pass the time that is given to a break, to exchange experiences with other viewers and get ready to to support the team with renewed vigor.But very often breaks in the canteen is built a long line, so you have a little more permanent.

For those who do not want to stand in long queues, vending machines with drinks.You can buy coffee, juice, lemonade or soda water.In addition, you can buy and eat.

large number of people from different cities of the country attracted "Luzhniki".Hall, a small sports arena can boast a large number of places where fans will be able to stay comfortably and watch the game of your favorite team.Also, do not be bored, and in the breaks.As already mentioned, you can go to the snack bar or vending machines to have a little snack, and you can buy souvenirs in memory of his beloved team.And even in the corridors of a small sports arena you can meet with your favorite athlete autographs and take pictures.

Small Sports Arena "Luzhniki" was created to sport was closer and more accessible.With the duties she copes.