The main achievement of Russia.

Today we live in a world where there is almost everything that a person could wish for.But it was not always.Humanity is long and hard to create such conditions.It is difficult to imagine what people used to do without the benefits of modern civilization.Russia, of course, is the engine of progress.Everyone of our great country should know about it and be proud of their achievements.It is our dignity, heritage and history.

lamp and radio

Russian scientific achievements are appreciated around the world as made an enormous contribution to the development of all modern civilization of mankind.Among them are the ones that we know from school, but there are known mainly in small circles (with the value of no less).

Today the light bulb in every house, but it was not always.The first light bulb lit up because of Russian engineers PN Yablochkov Lodygin and AN (1874).Initially, their invention was not recognized at home and they were forced to develop their ideas in a foreign land.Of course, much time and effort it took scientists to create a small lighting fixture.The considerable contribution to the improvement of the lamp made the American Thomas Edison, but it creates the first Russian scientists!

Radio - Russia's achievements, thanks to the great physicist and electrical engineer Alexander Popov(1895).Overestimate the importance of radio in the history of mankind very difficult.Abroad often challenged the primacy of Alexander Stepanovich, but there are facts to prove it.By the way, the invention and the contribution of professors were immediately recognized in Russia, for which he was awarded.

aircraft and helicopters

Achievement Russia and the contribution of its men in the development of modern aircraft are a breakthrough.Russian military leader and inventor Mozhajskij AFdecades ahead of their Western associates in the establishment and successful use of aeronautic vessel.In 1876, he was the first in the world to fly comfortably on he created a kite, and later introduced the world's first steam engine on the plane (1882).

greatest aircraft Sikorsky IItheir inventions replenishes the list of "great achievements of Russia."His fate was such that he was forced to immigrate to the US, so the Americans are also proud of the result of work of this brilliant designer.Igor has created the world's first four-engine airplane (1913), four-engine heavy bomber and a passenger plane (1914), a transatlantic seaplane and helicopter single-rotor design (1942).It is worth noting that the latest ideas he embodied in the United States, although there is the inventor had a very hard time.

Russian scientists - the engine of progress

Russian Technological advances are inextricably linked to such inventors as Crawlers IIand Kostovich OS

IICrawlers glorified himself and his country by creating a steam engine and the world's first two-cylinder steam engine (1763).Limit the use of a variety of steam engine was virtually no, these inventions have stirred the world.

is believed that the first internal combustion engine belongs to G. Daimler and W. Maybach.But it is not so, a little earlier (in 1879) to develop a gasoline engine began OSKostovich.The drive was a part of his inventions: the airship, submarine, and so on. D. He designed the first model of a multi-cylinder engine, a model of which was taken and as a basis for modern devices.By the way, the home Ogneslav Stepanovich - Astro-Hungary, but it is considered a Russian inventor, as he lived and worked here.

Inventions scientists go beyond the planet

brilliant people devote their lives to science and inventions, so there are great achievements.Russia, of course, should be more carefully treat people whose innovative ideas, work and faith in the success of moving the world technological progress.Thus, SPQueens, one of the top scientists in the field of space and rocket ship, was arrested and tortured.

Under the leadership of Sergei Pavlovich Russia first in the history of mankind has launched an artificial satellite of the Earth (1957).A little later the station "Luna-2" for the first time in world history took off from Earth and stood on another space object, noting its flight Soviet pennant on the moon (1959).This cosmic breakthrough raised the prestige of the Soviet Union throughout the world.

scientific achievements of Russian scientists

in Russia have always been people whose work and conclusions made science to evolve rapidly.Scientific achievements of Russia, without which it can not manage the world emerged thanks to the following scientists:

  1. Lomonosov (1711-1740 gg.) First formulated the principle of conservation of matter and motion, found an atmosphere on Venus, and contributed greatly to the glass-making.The versatility of Mikhail strikes its opening until now have response in the scientific community.

  2. Lobachevskii - a brilliant mathematician, the "father" of non-Euclidean geometry.

  3. Mendeleev.Russian science many people associate it with the creator of the periodic table of chemical elements (1869).

rich Russian scientists who made an enormous contribution to the development of science and different fields of human life.

course - to save lives

not only the achievement of Russia, but also a huge success all over the world scientists have allowed the medical community to make a big step in the delivery of health care.

Russian scientist-experimenter held the world's first transplant of lungs, liver, heart (1951).Demihov Vladimir Petrovich created the world's first model of an artificial heart.His experiments (two-headed dog in 1956) and today does not fit into the heads of non-scientists, but the benefits of his work goes through the year.

MANovinsky known to the medical community as the founder of experimental oncology.Vet to vaccinate animals against malignancies (1876-1877 gg.).Russian geneticist NPDubinin proved divisibility of the gene (1930).

Culture Russian

not only discoveries in medicine, science and technology is renowned for our country, the cultural achievements of Russia are also known around the world.

most famous figures of culture in different directions and their achievements:

  1. Literature.World Classics includes works by Russian writers: AS Pushkin, Tolstoy, LV, MA Bulgakov, Dostoevsky FM, Chekhov AP, AI Solzhenitsyn, Akhmatova AA, Tsvetaeva MIand other talented authors.More than one generation has grown and will grow on these works.Domestic literature - pride and soul of the Russian people.

  2. Music.Of great importance for the development of the world of classical music were Russian composers Glinka MI, AP Borodin, Mussorgsky MP, PI Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov NA, AN Scriabin, Rachmaninoff C.In., DD Shostakovichand other talented musicians.It should be noted not only the great composers and authors, which is famous for our country.People like Vysotsky VS, Tsoi VV Vizbor YI, Okudzhava B. Sh - lyricists, performers and composers of songs, loved by the Russian people.Russian culture is unthinkable without them and their work.

  3. Art.Enjoy the creations of these artists can do everything, but to understand them is not given to everyone.Russian land is rich in talented people.Fine art and his works - the pride of our nation.Our artists of world renown: Ayvozovsky IK FY Alexeev, KP Bryullov, VM Vasnetsov, DG Levitsky, Ostroukhov IS, IE Repin, Rublev A., Shishkin, Ivanand others.

enumerating the achievements in Russian culture, we must not forget areas such as theater, film, architecture and sculpture.A huge number of stunning and priceless works of Russian masters gave to his people and to the world.

Recent advances

Russia has always been a world power.Our great country has long held, or holds back the lead in many areas.Like many breakthroughs have been made in science, technology and culture in the history of the country!But even today, Mother Russia is not impoverished talent.Inquisitive mind, imagination, craving for beauty and dedication of our compatriots to celebrate the amazing and useful discoveries.

Recent advances in Russia brought not only recognition of the figures and the country but also significant financial incentives.

list of the most significant achievements of Russia in 2014:

1. Winter Olympic Games in Sochi (conduct).

2. Scientists from St. Petersburg developed a unique shell-plasma generator, which created a furor in the oil business all over the world.

3. The new diesel, which is developed by Russian scientists for the military, different frost (analogs such indicators in the world yet).

4. Scientists St. Petersburg have developed a portable device to restore blood circulation in the body.The principle of operation is similar to the artificial heart.This unique instrument of its kind to be installed in ambulances and save millions of lives.

This is just a brief list, which Russia is justifiably proud.This list does not include advances in areas such as sports, politics, education, military and more.Not forgotten, many great men: Yuri Gagarin, Kalashnikov MT, PN Nesterov, IF Kruzenshternand others.It's nice to live in a country where all the great achievements and talent is difficult to gather in small list.

The most important achievement of Russian

Here is just a small part of the success in scientific and cultural areas of the country, significant events that make the world respect Russia.

But what is the main achievement of Russia?Throughout history there were so many great discoveries that drove the development of the whole of humanity, but what can be considered as a priority ?!The answer is obvious.

The most important achievement of Russia, her pride and strength - talented people who love their country.The fate of many geniuses very difficult, even tragic, but they continued to create, invent and achieve the most ambitious targets, because otherwise they could not.Mankind is using the ideas and results of the works of our compatriots should tell them "thank you."Russia can be proud of, it has to know every self-respecting citizen.