Church of St. John the Warrior on Yakimanka and the Temple of Novokuznetsk

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One of revered saints in the Orthodox Church is John the Warrior.In honor of him since ancient times were built numerous temples.On two of these temples, consecrated in honor of the saint, the story goes.They shared a long distance.One is in Moscow - is known to many temple John the Warrior on Yakimanka, the other - in Novokuznetsk.

Rock persecuted Christians

Who was in his earthly life that is holy and he deserved immortality?Opening Paterik - a book about the life of the holy fathers - you can see that he lived in the Roman Empire in the fourth century, when the emperor Julian the Apostate tried to eradicate Christianity and persecuted of all believers in Christ.

Formally St. John served in the army of Julian, and was obliged to take part in the repression, but secretly professing Christianity, he provided all possible assistance to the persecuted.Those of them who had been arrested and placed in prison, returned the holy freedom.Those who were going to be arrested, he warned of the danger.

arrest and release of the holy

very many followers of Christ's life was saved.But not only fellow believers helped St. John.Anyone in trouble, getting help from him.When the Emperor was told about the secret activities of John, he ordered him thrown in jail.Sure, it was over to his execution, but soon Julian the Apostate was killed in battle with the Persians.The Lord saved the life of a saint, and he went out to freedom, lived to old age in purity, prayer and service to others.

Church of St. John the Warrior on Yakimanka

Moscow Church of St. John the Warrior is located on Yakimanka, in one of the most picturesque areas of the capital.The first church was a wooden building and was on the banks of the Moscow River, near the Crimean bridge.The earliest mention of it relate to 1625.By the will of Ivan the Terrible in the area settled the archers, and since this was their patron saint, the need for such a church was quite obvious.

Soon, the wooden church was replaced by a stone, but it was waiting for the sad fate.As a result of the failed rebellion archers were defeated, their temple came to desolation, and during one of the floods was flooded.The new stone church of St. John the Warrior on Yakimanka, the one that exists today, was built on the orders of Tsar Peter the Great and consecrated in 1717.

During Napoleon's invasion it was desecrated.The French, in the search for jewels, broke into the walls and floor.Fortunately, during the famous Moscow fire, the fire did not reach to it, and the church survived.After the expulsion of Napoleon had to sanctify it again.During the period of atheism Church of St. John the Warrior on Yakimanka acted, but suffered a lot of hardship and privation, in 1922 it was confiscated by the church plate and other valuables.Today it is one of the most popular temples of Muscovites.

Church of St. John the Warrior in Novokuznetsk

there are in our country is another Church of St. John the Warrior.Novokuznetsk, a city in the south of Western Siberia, has become a place where from all over Russia attracts people who need in-exile of evil spirits.Here, in the church named after St. John the Warrior, practiced ritual otchitki.This special prayer to help people possessed by demons, to get rid of their misery and return to normal life.

According to the teachings of the Orthodox Church, people who can not resist the worldly sin, give the evil forces to take control of himself.Externally, it is expressed in a variety of diseases, both mental and physical.Usually in such cases medicine is powerless.The rite is carried out twice a week.Church of St. John the Warrior these days is full of people.Many parishioners were healed, they left no record of thanks in a special book.From these records, you can find out how many people had to go through before they found the only correct way.It was difficult to find the strength to resort to this came from the distant past rite.