Silicone molds for plaster.

Gypsum is widely used in many industries.Very often the material used in construction, medicine and architecture.But the work with plaster requires certain skills and knowledge.How do gypsum products described in this article.


gypsum plaster is considered a unique material that is easy to process and can take any form.Gypsum from the liquid plastic can be virtually any shape.After solidification of the product is especially beautiful.

When connecting dry plaster with water is obtained mass, the consistency similar to dough.It hardens quickly and perfectly retains a predetermined shape.During solidification of the solution is slightly increased in size and emits a small amount of heat.This feature is very important.The fact that the expanding gypsum starts to fill all the recesses repeating shape with maximum accuracy.

Another important feature of plaster is its environmental friendliness.Thus, for the preparation of a framework for modeling it requires only dry gypsum and ordinary water.Ease of use and safety for the environment made plaster especially popular.

gypsum make different architectural ornaments, decorations, figure.To create products using special forms.They are made of wood, cement, plastic, epoxy resin, clay, metal.However, the most convenient and practical in application are considered silicone mold for casting gypsum.They are in great demand and allow the plaster to create unique products.

What Silicone molds for gypsum

forms of silicone has many advantages.Firstly, its surface does not adhere plaster solution.This is very important because it is not broken integrity of the product.Thus, gypsum crafts, cast in silicone molds have a perfect appearance.No other material has such properties.Second, silicone mold for plaster is very flexible and durable.It can be used many times without violating integrity.Third, a form of silicon can be easily separated from the frozen product.This means that the silicone mold for the plaster does not require lubrication before pouring.For artists it is very convenient and much easier to work.

How to make silicone molds for gypsum

finished silicone molds can be purchased in DIY stores.But you can make yourself.In this case, the master has the ability to create a form of their own creative ideas.

Making Silicone molds for plaster is carried out on a specific technology.

First you need to do to fill the container.You can use wood, particle board, fiberglass and any other material.Or you can take a ready-made container.Then glue the parts must be carefully shaped so that they are well kept and there were cracks.

In the next step you need to take a sculptural clay and evenly lay out up to half of the container.This should be done carefully, so that the surface was smooth and free of defects.

then should be placed in the clay model, which makes a form.It is important to make a pencil plasticine small holes, so that during the casting of the mold are not displaced.

now need to measure the amount of silicon required.Count the number of required material can be the size of the container.

Then you need to lubricate the surface of the model with soapy water or wax lubricant.To create silicone to mix liquid solution of silicon dioxide and acid hardener according to package directions and pour a thin stream to the mass of clay to the model.When the upper part of the mold has hardened, you can remove the clay.But this should be done carefully so as not to damage the surface of the mold.

Now we need to re-lubricate the surface of the model and form, to prepare a silicone mass and make the shape for the top of the model.

Silicone molds for plaster ready.

cost of finished silicone molds

Today, many companies produce finished silicone molds for plaster.The price of them, depending on the complexity and size from 200 rubles and above.Thus, in a simple form to decorate the room in the form of shells or leaflets need to pay 290-320 rubles.More complex forms of large size are much more expensive.For example, the price on the form for the manufacture of decorative stone is from 900 to 1500 rubles per square meter.m. There are brokers that offer a form of silicone Chinese production at wholesale prices.