ABS-plastic: characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

material such as abs-plastic, is quite popular and in demand in the production of many electronic devices and appliances.Thus, in contrast to the plastic material has a high performance, due to its high resistance to mechanical damage and protection from environmental factors.What is so urgent abs-plastic, and what are its advantages?


This material is a high impact thermoplastic resin that is in scientific language called "acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene".This material with properties reminiscent of normal plastic.Its color is usually a yellowish tinge.However, the world market is often found in abs-transparent plastic granules.But no matter what shade he had neither been painted, in any case, the material lends itself to very good coloring of, even if you already have some shade.

Through a combination of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic material abs sheet has high strength and elasticity properties.Thus, it can be melted in the most complex shapes and it does not lose its operating characteristics.Therefore, abs-plastic is one of the most used in the production and economy of materials.Incidentally, in the industry, it is common to form uniform granules.On this basis, the company and the company produces a variety of composites, referring to a class of special polymers.

exactly how plastic abs?

characteristics of this material is not significantly different from each other, but, despite this, in Russia it is marked by several names.This reduction abbreviation "ABS", "ABS", and various scientific names such as "acrylonitrile copolymer, styrene-butadiene" or also "ABS copolymer".


Abs-plastic has many advantages over other types of polymeric materials.The first is its high resistance to alkalis, greases, petrol and other aggressive media.While some types of plastic may simply melt or discolor under their influence, the ABS copolymer will firmly hold on as long as possible.In addition, the surface of this material leaves a very smooth and shiny.Due to this, almost all modern mobile phones manufactured housing is made of ABS plastic.Thus there are opaque polymers and materials possess a certain level of gloss.

Disadvantages The main disadvantages of this material is worth noting his low resistance to ultraviolet sunlight (some models are afraid of exposure to benzene, acetone and ethyl chloride), which can lead to discoloration of the surface.Also unlike polystyrene plastic has a low electrical insulating property.However, the presence of these shortcomings did not prevent him to confidently take a leading position in the list of polymeric materials for the production of various plastic products.