Milan Fashion Week: "blank canvas" and "Karate-couture" of Bottega Veneta

designer Tomas Maier (Tomas Maier) - a true artist in the soul, and in general a very observant person.Seeing once at the Florida group of children from karate, he immediately inspired by their sports kimono.

According to the designer, in the spring-summer collection of ready-to-wear 2010 from Bottega Veneta, shown at Milan Fashion Week (Milan Fashion Week), he joined the karate style of kimono with the principle of "blank canvas".

¬ęClothing should be neutral background for a woman a blank canvas on which it can build its image, playing with accessories and flowers - said the designer.- That's what I really liked in a kimono for karate.Good as edging and soft belt. "

result of observation and reflection, Thomas Mayer was the original, quiet and serene collection of women's apparel, ladies really leaves room for self-expression.

Neutral tones, minimalist dresses and suits, as well as some sports style raid did not interfere with the new models from Bottega Veneta to look very stylish and sometimes even glamorous.

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The collection also includes tunics, shorts, corset top and mini jumpsuit.Ribbed texture of the fabric of some dresses reiterates sports kimono, and generally cut collection characterizes the asymmetry.

This original style sustained mainly casual model, painted in soft neutral tones.As promised couturiers, these colorful costumes enliven edging and inserts as well as - scarves, shoes and bags of various designs and bright colors.

In contrast to these models, cocktail and evening dresses from the collection flaunt the most lush and neon colors.However, and here everything is pretty strict - no complicated prints, and cut without quirks.

spring-summer collection was supplemented with braided cloth sandals and shoes with open heel and mesh inserts.Accessories marked by diversity - for example, there were a variety of bags from small clutches - up by volume of soft "bags" of leather - to woven, including, and with the effect of macrame.

In our next articles we will acquaint you with the fragments of clothes, shoes, bags and amazing jewelry from this collection.

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