Change the fat on the muscle!

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In an age when the number of people with excess weight, close to 30-35 percent of the population and the obesity epidemic is becoming a catastrophe, paradoxically, there was a real cult of slimness!Full of people in the world more and more, and at the same time thin slim figure is a cherished aim of millions of women, and men - all forces rush to the fight against obesity.

well-developed muscles are able to make an attractive figure and even more curvaceous, giving it elegance and stateliness.So the phrase "the trouble is not in excess weight, but how you wear it" - still partly true, in any case, if the extra kilos are not too many.

struggle with excess weight - is only one aspect of the problem, and second, no less important - muscular dystrophy, muscle wilt that women begins quite early, after 30-35 years, with the slowdown of hormonal processes.A woman may not be as comprehensive as loose if she had a low percentage of muscle tissue with a high fat content.

But perhaps there is some magical way to turn that annoying body fat into muscle elastic ?!Alas, there is no way!Turn fat into muscle cell is impossible - they have very different structures.But out there, we can make the fat cells "lose weight", thereby reducing the thickness of fat and muscle can strengthen, run reverse (or at least slow) the mechanism of fading.

«fat burner»

Create beautiful figure, you can restore the lost harmony, burning excess fat and developing muscle.

By "fat burner" often refers to various drugs, the effect of which is aimed at getting rid of the subcutaneous fat.Species such drugs a lot: some help to bind fatty acids, preventing them deposited in the fat depot, other multiple suppress appetite and increase metabolism in the body, others simply act as laxatives and diuretics.

It should be noted that in order to from the "fat burners" was an effect, it is necessary to fulfill two conditions: a reasonable diet and aerobic exercise.

basic requirement of reasonable food - not to recover, the number of calories consumed with food shall not exceed the amount of calories you expend in the course of life, and to lose weight - consume need more than consume.Spending calories at the same time activating the metabolic processes, just to help exercise.

In principle, not overeating and actively engaging in sports, you and without any "fat burners" will be able to support the weight at the right level, although in some cases their application might and accelerates the process of losing weight.But the type of fat burners amphetamines or thyroid hormones is better to stay away, these tools have strong side effects and can seriously harm health.

We think it should be stressed that in any case the fat cells will not disappear in the process of losing weight as if they "shrink", losing the contents (fat), but do not die.And if you stop to watch your diet and exercise has thrown, the fat cells are again filled with fat, will grow, divide, and they will be more.The more fat cells, the more difficult to bring the figure back to normal, there could have recourse to specific medical practices.

Well, not so long run, the best "fat burner" can be considered aerobic exercise, and a prerequisite - a modest and decent food.By the way, it turns out, our figure is not only important what and how much we eat, but also the day when we take food.

to quickly lose weight, eat should be mainly in the morning, but the muscle is not the best option, and if the goal is to keep the elastic muscles and get rid of excess fat, the main meal should be moved to the afternoon.

Well, the muscles do not lose, and even to return the lost should carefully consider your diet, and probably need to load the muscles.That's only what, what kind of load prefer?

aerobics or power lifting?

Many experts in the field of sports medicine, dealing with weight loss, is considered the best option with the mix of aerobics athletic gymnastics.

Aerobic occupations, and these include dance aerobics, jogging, swimming, cycling and other similar classes effectively fight fat by burning extra calories and speeding up the metabolism.At the same time aerobic exercise usually involves the work of a large group of muscles, rhythmic repetition of movements and quite a long time training.Thus, regular exercise strengthens muscles, improves appearance and a beneficial effect on the heart.

But for the muscle-building, will be more effective weight training, by the way, such popular "home" exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, swing the press - it is also strength training, where the weights used by its own weight.To his weight for greater efficiency is possible to add weights, dumbbells, expanders, and various exercise machines.

And do not be confused by a widespread belief that weightlifting exercises with dumbbells or not women's employment, in order to successfully fight muscular dystrophy, women power load shown even more than men.However, and zealous in this matter especially should not be, because we're not going to become a champion in bodybuilding.

Also, do not expect the exercise to any one group of muscles help burn fat in this place.Just shaking news, it is unlikely you will achieve a thin waist and will remove excess fat from the abdominal area.Muscles, of course, will be strengthened, but significant effect on body fat it will not.So, to put in order the figure should be, combining aerobic exercise (in which the thickness of the subcutaneous fat due to the increased energy needs of the body gradually decreases), and power loads.

On the other hand, muscles, being metabolically active tissues in the body, in and of themselves - excellent "fat burners", the more muscle you have, what they are better developed, the better your body burns fat.

basis beauty of the female figure - the harmony, and it can be achieved by providing for employment for one hour at least three times a week.Agree, is not so much.Complement complex power gymnastics exercises on stretching and flexibility, without possible the harmonious development of the muscles, their elasticity, graceful shape, tone.

Do not miss the opportunity to use and dispose of the two hours after exercise.It was during this time (after intense physical exercise) is a high rate of metabolism - it's time to eat something useful.Because our goal - a slim figure and beauty, it is best to eat some vegetables or anything seafood have learned they will be much better than at any other time, centimeters on the waist will not add, but the benefit will undoubtedly bring!

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