Dolphin: description.

Everyone knows that dolphins are very intelligent animals, they differ peacefulness and kindness.But it is peaceful sea handsome, if he had any enemies, and as the dolphin is protected from the enemy?Questions really interesting!Aggressive instinct is inherent not only sharks, dolphins, too, can show its character, they often fight among themselves.However, if you watch those fights from the outside, we can see that they are just practicing with each other, it was easier to fight the real enemy.

Dolphin: description.With what a dolphin is protected from its enemies?

Dolphins - quite large animals, their body length 170-250 cm, females slightly smaller than males.Sea handsome very slim, they have a long beak, sharply limited by fat pad grooves.

scary and big teeth, these mammals do not have.While the dolphin is protected from the enemy?The main weapon of sweet, you might say, it is a long graceful creatures and powerful nose.It is equipped with an extremely strong and thick bone, the end of the beak rounded and very tough.While not feel the force of the blow nose dolphin, do not understand how it is a dangerous weapon.If necessary, depending on the situation and location of the enemy, to protect the dolphin uses the tail, which is also not weak.As you can see, nature will take care of everything.

Lifestyle dolphins in nature

In the natural environment inhabited by dolphins in the seas and oceans, but are sometimes found in rivers that flow into the ocean.As the dolphin is protected from enemies in the open spaces of the water?The advantage to the enemies of the dolphins is that they live in packs, these animals are considered to be social.Thanks to a well-developed intellect members dolphin pack easily together may agree.However, it is easier to resist the enemies, gather food, to grow up and teach kids.If one of them treats the shark, his relatives immediately be grouped and protect in trouble.Scientists have confirmed that at the sight of a flock of dolphins toothy predator immediately runs away, "tail between his legs."

dolphins protected from their enemies?

main natural enemy of the dolphin is a shark, but under favorable circumstances, the proboscis fish could give a fitting rebuff to the predator.The most terrible and invincible enemy, against whom the Dolphins are powerless, is a network of fishing vessels, oil and other human "tricks."But now let's talk about how the dolphin is protected from natural enemies.

As mentioned earlier, the main weapon of the dolphin - a severe blow to the nose.How he enjoys such an unusual "weapon"?To force of impact was at the highest level, the main thing - fast and strong acceleration.In addition, you need to know where to hit the enemy more effectively, but dolphins are well aware of all the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the enemy - it is the abdominal cavity and gills.The enemy can, of course, to fight back, but all water inhabitants know that from the pack of dolphins better time to slip away.If this friendly little family nosed fighters will identify the victim, it will make every effort to finish it.

Technique blows nose dolphin simple.It tries to be a shark at a distance of a few meters, then makes a sudden leap with great speed, aiming at the soft underbelly of the predator, and hits the target his hard-nosed.As a result, the effect produced powerful blow from which the enemy seriously injured, then there is a state of shock and even loss of consciousness.This is just one blow his nose, if the enemy is strongly irritate the dolphin, he uses a series of blows, one after another.After this attack the enemy in death.

Sometimes intensified attacks using dolphin tail.With it, he can hit out at a sharp turn of 360 degrees.Likewise, long-nosed fighter successfully distracting the enemy from attacking fellow.

Interesting facts about dolphins

The fact that dolphins can be great to fight under water, it is not necessary to conclude that they are dangerous to humans.They are real friends, and in some cases even saviors of the people.There are a lot of interesting and surprising life beautiful, brave and kind inhabitants of the oceans and seas.

Interesting facts about dolphins:

1. If potential prey near the shark notice a flock of dolphins, even very hungry predator float away away.
2. Quite peace-loving dolphins often attack porpoises, and inflicting fatal blows his nose, deprive them of life.Why do they do it - is unknown, it is clear only that not from hunger.

3. dolphin brain weighs 1700 grams, while the human - Brains in 1400 the dolphin twice as much as a man.Dolphin is considered to be the most intelligent animals on the planet.