Why is it necessary to protect nature and animals?

Why protect nature?The question seems trivial, even silly.Perhaps there is no person who would have thought that this needs to be done.In spite of the clear understanding of how to relate to nature, people somehow often behave as if living the last day on Earth, but tomorrow never comes.

Nature - the source of life

Long ago, when the Earth was young and humanity was a small group of people, human nature was all.Forests provide shelter, hunting people get food.Clean rivers were used for drinking and fishing.World population grew, progress is not standing still.

And now, after many years, people began to forget where it all began.Forests are cut down relentlessly, and in their place build factories discharging hazardous waste into the river that flows nearby, and from there the water goes into the house, where it is used by people.It is crucial to understand why it is necessary to protect nature.After all, without its benefits, we can not exist.


Representing the forest, we envision tall trees with green foliage, lush grasses that sway under the breeze, we hear the chirping of birds, it seems to us that the branches of the trees jumping squirrel.We know that somewhere in the depths of the forest live bears, hares, foxes and other animals.Now imagine that there are no birds, no animals.Then there will be no forests, because everything in nature is interconnected.

Take care of animals, because they are an important part of wildlife.A man accustomed to using the gifts of nature for his own pleasure: people kill animals for the sake of valuable fur, and sometimes just for a whim.Fortunately, there are caring individuals who provide the funds and reserves, urging mankind: "Take care of animals!"

Forest on fire

Soon will come the summer - a time when everyone wants to relax in nature.Everyone wants to bask in the soothing sun, splash in the warm river.Many picnics, bonfires, cook kebabs.After a rest, all in a hurry to return home, skorenko gathering all that's left.But sometimes people leave everything as is, without bothering to harvest.

Most forest fires in the summer time is the fault of man.Do not assume that a fire can only arise from open flame: any little spark will suffice to set fire to dry grass.Rarely, but it happens that a piece of glass from a bottle can serve as a magnifying glass, and will also become a fire hazard.Protect forests from fire, it is dangerous to all living things.And after the fire burned areas for a long time nothing grows.

following progress

blue planet called Earth and factories, smoking a pipe - is black sores on her.Everyone is so clear, why it is necessary to protect nature, because we are very dependent on her.And besides, you need to think about those who will live on this planet after us.

shores and protect nature, to our children and grandchildren do not have to survive a last effort, or look for a new place to live.Some think that he could not prevent the harm that brings nature to technical progress.This is a misconception, because everything starts small.If everyone starts to take good care of it, much better.For example, walking down the street, do not throw garbage at his feet.

necessary to protect natural resources, not to include unnecessarily water, do not pollute the soil.Use recyclable materials (paper bags instead of the cellophane, glassware instead of plastic), to wear clothes made of artificial fur, instead of encouraging the murder of rare animals.People take care of nature!


to save, and sometimes in order to save nature created many environmental organizations.At the state level it is forbidden to pour into the water waste production and dispose of toxic substances into the air.Many natural objects are protected by ecological supervision.In these forests it is prohibited to burn fires, and in the rivers can not catch fish.This is done due to the fact that a person has too much harm to this place, and it needs to be rebuilt.

created volunteer groups: people volunteer work on cleansing (in the truest sense of the word) the places in which one person alone can not restore order.Anyone can become such a helper and to work for the benefit of nature, and therefore to the benefit of themselves and future generations.

Do not dig yourself a hole ...

can be a long and beautifully explains why we must protect nature, but it does not do for themselves any conclusions.Sooner or later, everyone must understand that we - part of nature, that harming it, we, first of all, hurting yourself.Figuratively speaking, we have the same sawing off the branch on which we sit, and if you do not stop, you fall into the abyss.

important not only to ourselves to understand why we must protect nature, but also to explain it to their children.Because they live on in that situation that they will be left of us.

Nature already have suffered a lot from us, but maybe we're not fully understand what it can threaten us in the future.The main thing - remember that we are an integral part of it, it depends on us, and we - from her.

necessary to love themselves and their loved ones, wishing them peace and goodness.It should relate to the world around us, as if it is our good friend, to help him get better, not to hurt, and remember that everything is interconnected, and man and nature - all the more.In many kindergartens and schools have long held a special extra lessons in which children talk about why you need to carefully and take care of the outside world.To consolidate the knowledge, every parent should hold similar discussions at home, giving the child an example of personal behavior.