How little howcast answer the question, "newly-fallen snow - what is it?"

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Adults little thought about the meaning of spoken words.I do not remember their definition and do not find out the origin.But if you read the small howcast patriotic poem about a soldier Alyosha, the answer will fall issues.Among them will be those "newly-fallen snow - what is it?" And "Why does it turn white?" Adults, willy-nilly will have to understand and to explain to the kid unintelligible words.

What newly-fallen snow?

To accurately answer this question, we need to look in the directory.Explanatory Dictionary edited by Ephraim gives the meaning of "newly-fallen snow": fresh fallen snow.If you look to the Ozhegova, you can see a small addition.This snow should fall in the evening or at night.Also, newly-fallen snow and the dictionary defines the terms of hunting.According to him, the snow was at night and stopped by the morning.

All sources of information, reduce to one thing: snow was at a time when few people moved him.Therefore, it looks like a clean and smooth sheet of paper that attracts and fascinates the perfect shine with cleanliness.Especially surprising bright sunny morning newly-fallen snow.What is it now clear.

newly-fallen snow in poetry and prose

Creative people can not help but admire the pristine snow.This leads to the fact that in the works of poets and writers receive newly-fallen snow.

example is the aforementioned verse, which featured a line that turns white in the newly-fallen snow.In the product-Sokolova Mikitova "Lenkoran" is written on the net newly-fallen snow in the mountains, which clearly drawn traces of cat paws.

Besides her appearance judge of the weather.If the snow was the afternoon and in the evening the wind picked up, there is a newly-fallen snow blowing.The main characters are products of this fact to determine the weather.For example, in "The Captain's Daughter" gentleman offered to come back to the road, because the wind picks up and sweeps away the newly-fallen snow.

newly-fallen snow in the fine arts

Artists, too, was not spared from the kind of pure snow.So first there were pictures, which depicted the newly-fallen snow.Photography has come to replace them, but has not lost its magic and charm.

landscape with steady snow and clear traces of it are always popular among nature lovers.None of the images of the winter collection will not be left aside the newly-fallen snow.Picture it looker and causes a smile.On the newly-fallen snow

those older

If the question is about this phenomenon occurs in an older child, you can tell us more.In this case, the question that arises as a newly-fallen snow, what it is and why it is called, will be the answer to such information.According to the information located in the Brockhaus and Efron, you can select the following types of snow:

  • horse newly-fallen snow - when there is a calm weather and the snow gently falls from above;
  • blowing arising from drifting snow;
  • shallow or deep - depending on the thickness of the snow;
  • dead when its thickness exceeds 18 cm, the name arose from the fact that it can not pass the small animals;
  • soft newly-fallen snow, which makes no noise from the traffic on it;
  • tough occurring in the cold and causing a lot of noise;
  • printed newly-fallen snow, especially when the traces are printed in relief;
  • blind when it for some reason, left paw prints;
  • warm when falling snow had begun to melt.

newly-fallen snow from the perspective of the hunter

During stalking prey even snow can help or hinder.In the first case, it clearly shows the footprint of an animal.And if much cracking under your feet, the person will be heard far away, and the animals have time hiding.

Small, deep and dead newly-fallen snow - what is it for the hunter?On shallow snow hare front paws imprinted no deeper than the bottom joint.In other words, quite a bit.Deep newly-fallen snow covers the ground to a thickness of about 10 cm. Accordingly, the beast sinks deeper.As dead as newly-fallen snow bunny can not run.If

fell shallow melting snow, the hunter sees it clearly every animal claw feet.This newly-fallen snow is called a warm printing.In addition, it can not be spoiled by the wind, so preserved for a long time and helps to search for fresh tracks for several days.

Everything else, hunters distinguish types of newly-fallen snow at the time of her loss.In this case, it may be short or long.It all depends on the duration of the snowfall is not, and at the time when he ceased to go.If the snow has stopped too early, the animals had to build on it long footprints and newly-fallen snow will be long.The snow had stopped short in the morning or even keeps going.This means that the traces left recently, and, perhaps, even a hare jumps a little bit ahead.