Brosno Lake in Tver region.

the north-west of the Tver region (Russia) is located deep lake Brosno.But beauty is not the scenic shores and abundance of fish attracts hundreds of tourists.The lake attracts mysteries ...

long-standing legend

Brosno Lake in Tver region has long attracted tourists with its mysterious and enigmatic.According to legend, this lake witnesses repeatedly observed large unknown monster.What is particularly interesting, it was observed over several hundred years.Belief says that when the Tatar-Mongols crossed to the other side of the lake, they were all eaten by the monster.The first written mention of it was recorded in 1854.Unfortunately, an exact description of the beast has been preserved to this day.Incredibly, our ancestors have claimed that it is a miracle Yudo not just helped Russia during the war and a similar story occurred as alleged in the Second World War.Ever since the monster is no longer remembered, until recently, until it again to show people in 2001.

search response

Mystery Lake Brosno not disclosed to this day, but scientists are not going to give up.Now a little more about the research.Along the shores of the lake is a small village, and the stories of the local people always boiled down to one thing: there lives a creature unknown to science.

Lake Brosno monster which, by their unanimous approval, there is full of surprises.Worth noting that, although the residents and argued with one voice on this monster, yet his descriptions often differ.Someone saw a very long neck and a horn, while others - large vertebrae and ribs.There were rumors that someone managed to capture the monster on the camera, and even videotape, but the data have not been published, and people are hungry for evidence.

Brosno Lake in Tver region has attracted a lot of journalists and newsmen.First and foremost, of course, local.But as soon as the information spread a little further, the flow of media workers have increased significantly.This story was like a fairy tale about the Loch Ness monster, but, unlike the latter, there was a reality much greater, descriptions, exact dates, names and surnames.Stories of local people more and more overgrown with different details.

Create expedition

There is a certain governmental organization, which is engaged in researching such issues.If such information is supplied, the employees of the organization immediately go out there and try to establish the accuracy of the information.Most often, the verdict is negative.But two exceptions all were, that is, they have found that a huge creature is actually present in the water.Lake Brosno (Tver region) have long been in their article, but for some reason, scientists have been slow.Suddenly, the press reported that the monster clambered ashore and killed a little girl.Message stirred the public, and researchers are actively zasobiralis Lake Brosno.In a short time, the expedition was assembled from volunteers and scientists, and in April 2002 began a thorough examination of the area.The volunteers have gone through all the surrounding settlements, collected information, the scientists analyzed and piled the whole picture bit by bit, since the time of the expedition of the witnesses is not much.

From St. Petersburg came to professional zoologists, who studied the flora and fauna of the Tver land.Brosno Lake, where fishing has been banned temporarily, fully understood the foreshore were literally pitted and proceed up and down, and then the results of the study were to diverge from the words of local residents and the fact that in the papers.

Myths and Facts

newspapers reported that the lake has a deep depression over 80 meters, where the notorious monster lives, but by examining the bottom, scientists have found that it is not.The only thing that could catch on - is movable bottom, which is in the lake, but it was completely lifeless.The maximum depth of the lake is 40 meters.

previously argued that food for the predator in the lake Brosno more than enough, but zoologists have found that eating it would be absolutely nothing.

scientists also provided the video, which was allegedly filmed the monster, but they failed.On one actually swam the lake wild boar, was increased in the second most common duck's head.

Found witnesses

disastrous rumor that had been eaten by a predator girl, too, has not been confirmed.No mysterious deaths or disappearances has not been a local police station or hospital.It turned out that all the people who said the deaths of the child, has long lived in a different place (for reasons not related to the monster), and many did die long before the large-scale study.Natives advise scientists and reporters to talk with two local businessmen, that something could tell about it.Their quest took a bit of time.

PR stunt?

Successful businessman and his son were ready to show the place where the murder took place, for the fabulous sum, but after learning that the matter involved in the scientific expedition, went back down and confessed that he had never seen anything like it.While the old-timers stood firm on the fact that these two have all seen and everyone knows them, he says, even "on the TV show" (invited on TNT).Businessmen described as honest, intelligent and honest people who do not have to say nothing.From a conversation with a senior, it was found that the lake he had acquired in the property and intends to establish in its place a tourist base.Both men - indigenous locals, and they remembered the old legend about a monster right out of the lake.It is obvious that it was just a PR stunt to attract tourists.The story is banal and ridiculous, if only because it already has counterpart.For the first time he saw the Loch Ness monster of the landlord, located near the lake.

Lake Brosno, description of the parameters which was given above, just could not hide in its bosom vast monster: he did not have enough depth and food.

How did the ancient myth was born?

It was obvious, but the only thing that worried members of the expedition - is the question of where all these rumors come from originally, because before nobody even knew what tourism.And soon, the unexpected happened.The last day of the expedition was marked by an emergency situation, which was born thanks to the hypothesis that the monster still could really exist.The vessel is fixed at the bottom with a depth of 35 meters, which has previously been measured, but then began to grow rapidly depth.And then from the bottom it seemed a living being rather large in size.To check whether it is alive, the scientists threw a firecracker into the water, and being reacted.Then the monster began to rise up, pulling on a search vessel.The crew panicked, everyone feared that encounter with unknown animals face to face.Not wanting to force things, the crew was immediately decided to float away.

After this incident, the expedition once again set to work with even greater enthusiasm.A month after the start of the study were announced final results.There was no animal.It was a movement of bottom layer, which has caused a kind of maelstrom that was the result of an illusion scare the crew.Bottom whirlpools - yavlyaenie local natural, requires careful study.The monsters could not be here, but the locals did see a strange emotion on the water, which are explained above natural phenomenon.

Despite unambiguous conclusions of scientists, newspapers were still full of incredible titles.A popular TV channel, even show was filmed in which they promised to catch the monster.Within the series the director made an intriguing video, skillfully steered in the right direction fantasy layman, but caught by a predator, of course, was not.

point in the studies are not delivered ...

year later another expedition conceived to explore the lake Brosno.Data collection passed through the same steps as in previous times.Scientists have come to the same conclusion as that of their colleagues.The public did not at first want to take a banal information about the explosion, and then it became more supporters, and ultimately the majority accepted the idea.Lake Brosno, rest on which the period of rapid research was impossible, again was willing to take a relax in nature.

In 2007 has been started another investigation group of students and graduate students, who have found another approach to the lake, previously unknown.They also talked to an eyewitness who called himself the master of the lake and still insisted that regularly sees the monster.But it soon became clear that this was an impostor, who skillfully made a rumor of a monster for many years, leading the tourists by the nose.

To finally confirm the established facts and sent another group of highly qualified scientists.At this time the band was much more extensive, divers and added a lot of new equipment.For the authenticity of all the stages of study filmed.In addition to the standard survey design neighborhoods and bottom of the lake, water sampling was tasked to investigate another question - on a sandy hill, which describes the ancient chroniclers.Helicopters, divers, scientists, local residents - all waiting for new discoveries.But they are not followed, due to which it has been found that the puzzle of the lake there is the most common reservoir.Instead of an epilogue

Thanks to numerous expeditions have made many useful discoveries about the lake Brosno in the Tver region.Temporary hype contributed to attract tourists and fishermen.Given the near-bottom strange excitement, the local authorities have categorically forbidden in the lake, and near it Brosno use any explosives, so as not to cause eddies in the lake.

Tver region, Lake Brosno monster - it all still attracts tourists.Given the passion the people of the entire mystical, so it will be a long and long.