The meaning of life and national ideas

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Recently again sharply raised the need for a national idea.The need for such is quite clear - it is necessary to unite the society and define it a vector that is able to bring a society out of the impasse and give it a boost.The question is, what should such an idea?A more important question is: what should be the vector?

slogans such as "justice," "equality," "dignity" and others like them, can not in principle be a full idea.They can not, for the reason that these definitions are categorized means and purpose in principle can not be.If, however, they will be identified as the goal, will inevitably provoke reactivity activities of society and put him at the mercy of ever-changing circumstances.The paradox is that these slogans are imprisoned.In no case can not be interchanged goal and means.The aim should be to determine the means and not the other way around.I would like to remind Oblomov very wise saying: "Everyone thinks about how to live, but do not think about why to live."

Without defining the meaning of life as a single person and all mankind to determine the true vector of development is impossible in principle.It should be borne in mind that life is a process, which is the phenomenon of a single cosmic process.And that, in turn, is a manifestation of the absolute existential process.Do not define the meaning, purpose and causality existential process can not select the correct any vector of development.If this vector does not correspond to this global existential process, is the accumulation of contradictions, a critical mass of stress caused by the deviation, the correction will happen this process is usually accompanied by a cataclysm on a planetary scale.

Thus, the most important is the determination of the meaning of life.That is necessary to recognize the ideological aspect of the main and decisive.

In order to determine the meaning of life as a phenomenon of existential process, should clearly define the concept of "Essence" and "Genesis" as a philosophical category.In this case, we accept that the essence - it is something that really exists in reality, and Genesis - a process that "began to be."That is the essence of the primary to being as a process, is its cause and its nature it provides.Although my definition resembles to some extent tautological, but if you think about it, it accurately reflects the essence of things: "The essence in itself and through itself creates Being."The "Try to answer the questions," I have brought something like the illustration, which in some way helps us to understand this very formula.

This illustration is a scene from Tarkovsky's "Solaris".The scene at the end of the film, when the ocean, to himself through his own wave of indignation created the island with a house on it, a pond, trees, garage - all the world.And in this world created by Chris's father, who had a man capable of the creative act and the creative realization.

essence and meaning of all consist in the following question: when and how the father of Chris realizes that he - the ocean?But in this case it is the realization of the Ocean itself.The mind knows itself through creativity through images generated by his well - Mind imagination.And all being is the process of imagination.

Physically secondary world is well explained Etherodynamics, for which Vladimir A. Atsukowski tremendous thanks.Aetherodynamics theory - it is a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of not only the natural sciences, but also contributes to an enormous jump in the outlook.Unfortunately, this theory today is not acquired due the popularity and the basis for physical science.Become familiar with it is not so difficult - enough material on the Internet.Anyone can try to grasp it.The main thing is that this theory explains, is the fact that what we call matter, physical fields, there are fluctuations in the ether.Ether is the infinitely dense medium with an infinitely great potential energy.In the stationary state, it is indistinguishable to us, but as air, insensible at rest, in motion reveals himself and shows some of their energy, as well, and air manifests itself in the vortex motion.Toroidal vortices ester form what we call protons and consequently atoms, and ultimately what we call substance.Aetherodynamics theory provides an explanation for the nature of electricity, the nature of magnetism and gravity.The truth is it should be considered that a swirling motion is easily perceived, and is described as a wave.The wave pattern is to some extent the projection of vortex dynamics.

picture of the world are usually in the form of such a scheme:

This schematic picture is blurred and does not explain much.But the main thing - it recognizes the essence of all the information forms.That's right - build another scheme.

Under this scheme, Essence is the basis of everything is the true nature of all creation, which means energy, which is a movement reproducible essence in itself, creates the information structures, which we perceive as the world.Space and time - the property information structures exist only in them, and define the order in the system of cause and effect relationships that form the structural information.

Information processes is nothing else than the fluctuations of the essence as the essence of the modeled system.The modulation process, creation of information systems, creation of worlds have The existential process.I use this term in accordance with the Gospel of John - "that was made", referring to the secondary creation.In the totality of "all that was made," there is Being.The essence of a somewhat behaves in nature ether.

Thus, in general, it is determined by the nature of the world and its secondary as informational holographic structure.At the same time, as a rule, do not take into account the obvious fact that there is the fact that these same structures are created, that is primary and causal information whatsoever.This is extremely essential property, creative force of human nature revealed in the beginning.Watch these things, we can everywhere.Hence it must be concluded that the person is not a biological substance, a single, indivisible entity in the particular manifestation in the created world, which is, in fact, is the imagination of the Essence in itself.The correct name in this case as the Essence of the true reality and creative power is intelligence, where RA - the source and the reason for Being generator-ness of the process and, consequently, energy, AZ - First, the root causes and the PA - the creative force.

Once again I want to remind you that I use the term "essence" as a philosophical category, not as now prevalent in semi-occult and poluokultnyh "science."I hope that the reader felt my smile.

Realizing this, the question naturally arises: what is the cause and what is the meaning of being-process?The answer in this case can only be one - self-manifestation and self-knowledge, self-understanding Mind itself.It is obvious that any particular manifestation originally derived from this most important task.The phenomenon of the human element in the world all the more determined the root cause of this problem.This is the meaning and purpose of life itself.This process - the process of learning the Mind itself is not just a global, - a process that determines the existence of the cosmic process and its meaning.Contradicts it means conflict with all the energy of the cosmos, that is foolishness.It is this process of human existence in the world as the beginning of the realization of the Mind itself, and must be put at the center of any social program, and not as a slogan of the national idea.

similar approach to the person, of human life and its meaning, purpose and meaning siotsiuma as a set of particular manifestations of the human, intelligent design in the world will fundamentally change all social processes, the structure of society, will lead the new, to the village seemingly fantastic, technology, and, in factIt will be the basis of a fundamentally new civilization, which history has never known.

principle of structuring the organization of society and its quality is largely determined by the ideological base.Following the true purpose of human fundamentally change the structural, improving the quality of social relations.This will require serious reform of education, science and all that affects the formation of consciousness.It should abandon the ossified, or simply false dogma in science and in religion, impeding the development of human consciousness, and, as a consequence, the whole of society as a whole.The organization of business and everyday life should be such that will most contribute to the development of each individual.In other words - all for the sake of human rights.We should not forget that the human element nadbiologichno, and often in contradiction with the biological nature.

All of this is extremely important for the reason already that essentially begins a new era since December 22, 2012, which is determined by the cosmic process.A special feature of this era is the primary and the openness of information in all processes.Building a world order based on a lie, it would be very difficult, if not impossible.

So if and to define certain program development, it should be based on such an approach, an appropriate sense of human life and of Being and a similar ideological base.Yes, in fact, a different path - a road to nowhere, and anything good it will not end.