Human activities - a particular form of social activity

Human activities - a unique form of interaction with the surrounding reality.It's a tough category.Activity - a human activity, which results in the transformation of the environment and of human existence.It is the activity of individuals flowing collectively or alone, alone with the outside world.But whatever it was, it can not be considered separately, can not withdraw from social relations of society.This system is included in the system of social relations, without which human activity does not exist.

similarity with animals is that man is also adapted to the conditions of life, but the fundamental difference is this: his work is transformative in nature.Therefore, the animals live in a natural environment, and the people - in the social, which is the result of conscious work, which establishes a series of relationships: social, political, economic, legal, etc.In the animal world such links do not exist.Surrounding reality of people - is the result of their creations.

Human activity is purposeful because it has consciousness.The result is a result which was laid in the mind.The goal is to match the opportunities.Anything that helps to achieve this goal in the labor process, called tools.Only people who are able to affect the environment using special tools.

Any human activity is motivated, ie the causes which impel them to action.The motive appears under the influence of needs and interests.The main motive - the desire to satisfy their own needs, the main source of human activity.

Basically, human activity is divided into physical and spiritual.Physical - this transformation of various natural objects, or public objects.The spiritual is the change in human consciousness.

Practical activity - it is a practical change in the world and society, including the man himself.Only the transformation of nature - this is the material and the production and transformation of society - a social and organizational activities.

human cognitive activity is multifaceted and diverse.There is a value judgment, which finds expression in the ideology and worldview.Man is able to create material and spiritual values, that is to create.But the motives of people are not only conscious, but unconscious.In the work of a specific role for intuition.

For full existence in society requires various fields of activity.Also, people who are different in their characteristics prefer this or that sphere, closer to them.

spheres of human activity, they are eight:

  1. Pedagogy.People are attached to social values.This includes the formation of society, ranging from kindergarten to university.It occupies tutors, teachers.
  2. governance.It includes all the administrative organization of society.It occupies managers, officials, civil servants.
  3. Science.Creation of new developments, which are designed to improve the world.Scientists engaged in it.
  4. Art.Creation of spiritual values.It occupies the artists, writers, poets, artists.
  5. Ecology.Designed to improve the quality of life.Engaged in her research institutes, ministries, various associations.
  6. Economy.The increase in material wealth.It occupies the bankers, entrepreneurs and workers.
  7. Medicine.Designed to improve the condition of mankind, it is hospitals and other health institutions, engaged her doctors and other health care providers.
  8. Fitness.It's a lifestyle.She engaged the athletes, as well as ordinary citizens.