Is it possible to refinance a loan with bad credit history ?How to refinance with bad credit history ?

Making "big and expensive" loan, many borrowers do not even believe that they can expect the fate of non-payers.But time passes, and at some point they are faced with financial problems.Credit history completely spoiled, and debts begin to grow like a snowball.In this case, the ideal option would be to refinance the loan with bad credit history.What is this service?And if it really desperate to get defaulters?

Does a negative review your credit history to the decision of the bank?

It's no big secret is the fact there is mistrust on the part of lending institutions to their new customers or unreliable citizens.In particular, we are talking about the borrowers, who for some reason was ruined credit history.That it may be the last stone on the scale, which will lead to the preponderance is not in favor of the debtor.Nevertheless, borrowers with tainted reputation has a chance to refinance with bad credit history.How is it possible?

How is refinancing?

First of all, it should be said that the refinancing is a special banking service, which allows borrowers to modify the original credit terms in their favor.Of course, this does not mean that you write off your debt.However, thanks to this service from defaulters have a great opportunity to obtain a review of the credit agreement.What is meant?

In simple words, the borrower comes to the credit institution and asks to perform the refinancing of its loan.Of course, for that he must have a very good reason and evidence.For example, in an accident or a natural disaster, he lost his only shelter.He was fired from his job, he was seriously injured on the job, he was fired, etc.

In such situations, the bank carries out refinance loan with bad credit history.Iehe extends the loan and thereby reduce the amount of monthly payment to match the current financial capacity of the client.

refinancing carried out and by other banks, financial institutions other than the lender.These programs are aimed at attracting and, simply put, "poaching" customers from competitors.For such loans are treated as "credit-mix" (a set of multiple consumer loans, loans, cash, credit card) and large loans (auto loans and mortgages).On that same pay attention to the banks make out when refinancing a loan with bad credit history and no one can get this service?

Which banks have refinancing program?

Programs refinancing operate in many Russian banks.They are in such organizations as:

  • Sberbank of Russia (housing loans and consumer loans for refinancing);
  • VTB24 (refinancing cash loans, credit cards, car loans and cash loans);
  • "Rossselhozbank" (consumer loans);
  • "Alfa-Bank" (mortgage), and others.

«Tell me where you took the credit, and I'll tell you who you are»

First, what to look for a bank, a credit institution would be where the debtor took the credit.After all, the reputation is not only borrowers but also from financial institutions.And to be honest, some banks have long shadow falls unreliability.In addition, the reason the tainted credit history of the borrower can be a banal mistake bank manager, accidentally mixed up the names, etc.

really prove this fact, if the borrower is 100% sure of his innocence.To this end, before applying to refinance the loan with bad credit history, you must contact the TSBKI or CRB in place (if you know what applies to your CI).And then, knowing the lender spoil your story, you can prove his innocence in court.Later, with the verdict and the evidence of their reputation, you can safely apply to the Bank.

The same applies to the machinations of a loan, for example, if you become a victim of fraud who have issued a loan in your name.

amount, timing and causes of insolvency

Before I tell you about how to refinance a loan with bad credit history, the bank certainly try to find out the cause of your non-payment.Especially representatives of financial organizations will be interested in the following points:

  • amount of no return;
  • frequency of non-payment (how regularly they are);
  • how long your debt (day, month, two years);
  • how long was delayed payment (a month or two, etc.).

Typically, a small amount of the debt (and one-time non-payments) is not fatal, so it is so borrowers can expect to refinance with bad credit history.But what if you still have brought the "black list" dodgers and refused to refinance?

solution to the problem with "expensive" credit

If you are refused in several banks, referring to your unreliability, do not sprinkle ashes.There are many other alternatives.For example, you can always ask not to big banks and to small.First, as a rule, they have no shortage of customers, so too may discriminate against non-payers.Small as credit institutions (for example, "Tempbank") are fighting for each client and, therefore, more loyal to the defaulters.

In addition, if you are not able to make refinancing a loan with bad credit history in the bank, you can always use the services of non-bank institutions.It can be MFIs.They are also loyal to the customers, but their representatives do not usually give large amounts of the first counter.

Upon initial treatment you can get about 4 000-10 000.If the loan is repaid on time, the loan amount will be increased.The best that can be expected in the MFI - 1-2 million rubles.Unlike banks give out loans to microfinance institutions in the short term, and the percentage for the use of such loans is much higher.

If you decide on whatever issue was to refinance the bank, then to secure their loyalty can provide collateral.Alternatively, you can seek the services of guarantors.

In a word, if necessary, to find a solution to the problem is possible.It would be the desire.